Phuket Trip with my Singapore Polytechnic Classmates

Phuket Trip
(18th March - 22nd March 2013)

The Memories that will never fade T_T
It may have been the first trip to Phuket
But It was one hell of a trip guys!

Things that would remain unchanged is that we will still be organizing our frequent Malaysia Trip with the same old "Malaysia Khakis"

The trip was enjoyable and would like to personally thank "Andrew Ong" for his help on making things possible all thanks to his wide network of contacts.

If all of you are intending to visit Phuket?
Take note of these contact details 
and find

Get a "100-200" baht Sim Card at the "Airport"

Should suffice so that you can contact Tom Whenever necessary for any pick-ups!

A "Quick Picture" just before entering the Departure Holding Area
Phuket Flight Ticket

Our Arrival at "Limthong House"
After planning the activities with Tom
 Heart-Shape Towel folded on and placed our Hotel Bed

Swan-Shaped Towel folded on and placed on our Hotel Bed

Limthong House - Personal Reviews

This is a perfect, affordable and comfortable place that has sufficient necessities as well as a nice "Lady Boss" to greet you.

This House seems to be run by a family of three which includes her two sons.

Don't judge a book by its cover when you see the outer-looks of the motel that is not like a hotel which has swimming pools or other facilities.

But it does have a strong Wi-Fi signal at each level and is a perfect accommodation for those who just needs a roof under your head at night to rest.

There's also a Family Mart located nearby that enables you to shop for basic necessities.

Do try Thailand's Awesome Bun that is wrapped in a packet as your breakfast as you don't get to eat it in Singapore!

Kit Yee's Birthday Surprise
Here's some pictures of us in her room!

Awesome Food Don't Miss It!
Don't forget to try their side stores!

Phak Thai
Priced at : 50 bahts 

Pineapple Fried Rice
Priced at : 220 bahts
Tom Yam Soup
Priced at : 150 - 250 bahts

Fried Rice with Chicken
Priced at : 50 bahts

Chicken with Basil Leaves Rice
Priced at : 50 bahts
Cocunut Drink
Priced at : 40 bahts
Halal Chicken Noodles
Priced at : 50 - 100 bahts
(Side Store)
Lok Lok
Priced at : 10 - 15 bahts per stick
Desserts at the Ice-Cream Store 
(Near Jungceylon)

Jungceylon's Address
Thanon Ratuthit Songroipi Pa Tong, Kathu, Phuket 83150, Thailand
Contact Number: +66 76 600 111


All Prices are around 100 - 300 bahts or more

Morning Glory aka "Kang-Kong"
Side-Stores near Jungceylon

Awesome Morning Glory & Three-Layers Pork
(Savory Pork with Rice @ 50 bahts)
(Savory Morning Glory with Rice @ 70 - 120 bahts)

At an affordable price of 2400 baht
Our Candid Photo
(Qianyuan, Me, Kit Yee)
Our Class Shot at ATV
Photo Priced at : 150 bahts
Awesome Singapore Polytechnic Friends aka Group Mates
The people I couldn't leave without during my Singapore Polytechnic life.

Would personally like to thank them for their constant support throughout the journey in Singapore Polytechnic.

Tolerating my nonsense as well as always helping me in certain uncertainties that I may have in life or in my studies.

Our Photo Together
(Me & Divya)
Divya you were always supportive and a natural joker and I would sincerely like to thank you for being there for me and listening to my sorrows and life stories. You were the best person I can turn to whenever I need someone to pour out my feelings to.
At Karon Beach, Phuket
(Qianyuan & Me)
Qian Yuan thanks for tolerating my temper throughout these entire three years and always helping me in my studies when required and lending a helping hand in maths and printing of stuff when required

Class 03 was glad to have you as our Chairman Qian Yuan, as you are always putting in great effort in sending out text messages to everyone in ensuring that everyone are well aware of the work that needs to be done before the week starts.

Best Final Year Project Group
(Could Never have Asked For More)
Thanks for supporting me for being who I am and you both were the greatest "Final Year Project" Partners that I could ever asked for!

Class 03 ATV Photo 2013 

Epic Photo on the ATV
(Divya, Kit Yee, Kelvin, Andrew, Benjamin)
Kaviel Teo on Top of the ATV
(Super Awesome must-try vehicle)

Visit their Beaches in one Package
Phi-Phi Island and Khai Island
Didn't manage to take any photos at Phi-Phi Island but the entire package of 1100 bahts was worth it which included few islands as well as a buffet-lunch.
(My Friend's water-proof camera was spoiled)

Elephant Ride
However we did write the scary elephant!

A Special Elephant Shot!
Left: (Afiq & Benjamin)
Right: (Li Hui & Kit Yee)
Setting off with the Elephant
Li Hui & Kit Yee
Setting off with the Elephant
Qian Yuan & Divya
Setting off with the Elephant
Me & Andrew
Clearing the hardened Faeces
Kinda gross but was damn interesting

King Kelvin Riding Alone
After he losing at the game he suggested
(Scissors, Paper Stone)
Model: Qian Yuan
Buy Singlets at 100 bahts
Don't get scammed by other shops
Do view the Awesome Sun-Set at Karon Beach
(Get to buy some Kong-Ming Lantern by some random seller)

There's even a heart shape Kong Ming Lantern made from Plastic that even led me to the thought of buying it back to Singapore.

Lastly Don't forget to try their Awesome Thai Massages!

Prices for the massages are as followed:
250 bahts for Thai Massage
300 Bahts for Oil Massage
So That Basically Summarize everything!
That's what I've enjoyed at Phuket!

Hopefully you all get to experience the awesome relaxing holiday the same way I did!

  1. Do not travel at Monsoon seasons!
  2. Do remember to bring or buy sun-blocks!
  3. Bring Umbrellas if you don't want to get tanned



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