Learn to be considerate especially with the elderly as your bags do not need a seat or you will end up quarreling (Applies to everyone even among the elderly)

An Argument between Elderlies
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We have all heard of the recent old Auntie Quarreling with a young lady and here is something that I would like all of you to know.

Avoid unnecessary quarrels by grasping the situation before starting a catastrophic vulgar show down at each other. Both parties are to blame during a quarrel at any point of time so stop pointing fingers and try to resolve the issue in a calm manner.  

Certainly, we are obliged to have the responsibility in giving up our seats to the elderly as they are more in need of a seat because of their aging legs that made them lose their ability to stand for long hours.

This is something we must do as youths in ensuring that we give them our respect by making sure that they are well-seated without letting them stand in the fully packed MRT that has a high probability of them falling down as it is unsafe for a fragile old lady to be standing in a bumpy ride on the train or on the bus.

But sometimes we respect them in our own ways, some people would still refuse to give up their seats as they have their own personal reason. Sometimes its because they're too tired after work or they have personal issues with their own legs. Thus, making it impossible for everyone to give up their seats for the elderly.

Think Twice Before Judging
Don't misjudge someone just by viewing any videos and pictures

But in my personal point of view I've seen many ungrateful elderly that do not even bother saying thank you whenever a good Samaritan gives up his/her seat.

To them it already has been an obligation and sometimes they take advantage of that fact to start a quarrel which makes it seems as though we're ungrateful bastards that do not spare a thought for the elderly.

I guess its a stigma that we should all change especially when dealing with the elderly. A simple thank you would do a great deal especially when the person is already kind enough to give up their seats.

The elderly are always blaming us but here's a video for all of you to see what happens when an elderly's bag occupies a seat which made another elderly furious.

Don't be shock with the fact that vulgar language is so common now a these days that it can be blurted out so easily in different languages and dialect whenever you are raging against one another. 

Do take note that, I sincerely respect the elderly and would love to want everyone to know that giving up your seats to the elderly is what we should do especially when the bus/train is fully packed.

So Stop Judging today to make it a peaceful world
We never know why & how a quarrel is started
But we do know that we can avoid it