Kaviel Teo - Gwiyomi/Kiyomi Video (Cute/Ugly/Handsome/Special/Top/Unique Gwiyomi)

Kaviel Teo

(Stay tune for me and William Bestie's Video)
Kiyomi has become such a trend that I myself thought that I could come up with one too.

It was hard to follow at the start so I tried over and over again and came up with a final version.

Hopefully I'll be able to do one with my best friend which is none other than the famous blogger, William Tan.

No Harsh Comments :(
I tried my best already T_T

Kaviel's First Draft
(With my spectacles on a new nerdy look)

Kaviel's Final Video
(Tried my best to use some props of my own)

No harm recording your very own edition!
It's a super cute song to try and all of you readers should try it out yourself too :P

Hard to follow but worth the efforts
Never try you'll never know how good are you really at in front of a camera :)