Havaianas Upcoming 2013 Collections

Havaianas Upcoming 2013 Collections

It's nearing Christmas and the festive season would have spike your vibes to get something new for you and your friends. Friends' birthday piling up your list of presents you need to buy?

In addition to that, choosing a gift is never easy and you would always end up having your hands twisted and your mind cooked while choosing what Particular designs of flip flops that might interest you or your friend?

Fret not as Havaianas would be launching a complete new range of new collections of trendy and stylish designs.

Fascinating you with new designs every month
 There's no longer a need for your to think twice anymore!

Want to excited your friends with interesting design?
Just take a look at this year's December Launch to get your love ones special gifts to excited them this christmas

Plan your birthday gifts now for the upcoming 2013 launches.
You may even tag one or two of those designs for your own too.
Background Information

Havaianas (pronounced as ah-vai-yah-nas) was created in 1962 and is now a world-wide phenomenon and one of the most iconic and successful product in Brazil. Havaianas represents the universal identity of fun lifestyle and happy fashion with a range of series of flip flops that portrays the Brazilian flavor of color, vibrancy and positivity. 

There's always a secret in each and every companies' techniques and recipes in making the best product that intrigues everyone.

So What is Havainas's Secret?
It's none other than their Secret Rubber Recipe!
Which makes their flip-flops buttery-soft, flexible and durable!

 Havaianas never fails to intrigues people with their series of designs which is what makes it one of the most outstanding and trendy flip-flop company. They have continuously attracted new generations of consumers and graced the feet of everyone including designers Christian Louboutin and Michael Kors, supermodels Heidi Klum and Naomi Campbell, Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston, sports icon David Beckham, and royalty such as Queen Silvia of Sweden. 

It's not just an object of Desire!
It's a iconic fashion and celebrity-worthy accessory that no one can make do without!

New Range of Upcoming Designs

Slim Graphics - Women
(Coming to stores in December 2012)

Stylist Geometric Prints that captivates your eyes with brilliant patterns of Thai geometric weaving. Slim Graphic features stunning colour combinations in rich psychedelic prints and subdued tones. Comes it 4 designs for girls to go complete GAGA!

Slim Paradiso - Women 
(Coming to stores in February 2013)

Inspired by the floral prints of Thai Flowers and Embroidery, This collection is a perfect resort wear for stylish ladies on a beach vacation. The Slim Paradiso also comes with 4 different colors and designs.

 Slim Animals & Slim Animals Fluo - Women 
(Coming to stores in April 2013 and December 2012 respectively)

Slim Animals & Slim Animals Fluo
Infusing the Safari Pride with ingenuity in design, the cllection features snake skin patterns, monochrome zebra stripes and two-toned leopard prints that add exotic character to the wearer.

With a slim metallic strip, this Slim Animal design with 7 alluring designs will never go out of style.  

Top/Top Mix/Brazil Logo/Brazil Mix- Unisex
(Permanent Collection*) 
Top Mix
Brazil Logo
Enlighten your day with Havaianas Classics which features 32 new exciting colours for the basic styles. Pair these easily with anything to get that casual chic look.

Arts- Unisex
(Coming to stores in May 2012)

Havaianas Arts Design
Graffiti inspired designs which fuses art with fashion.
 These designs are characterized by their disorderly elements such as space ships, monsters, animals and objects in chaotic and fun manner.  

Available in black or neon yellow straps, this collection is ideal for people who enjoy art and fashion in a frolicsome manner.

Baby Series of Flip Flops 
(Coming to stores in January - February 2013)

Kids Heroes Series
Superman & Batman and more

Toy Stories Series
Buzz Lightyear & Mr.Potato and more

Disney Cartoon Series
Cartoon designs that excites the interest of kids
Disney Classics
Tigger, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and more
  Infusing the Iconic Disney Character Designs such as Mickey and Minnie, Havaianas Baby Disney Collection mirrors the cheerful spirit and carefree fun of kids. Inducing the spread of happiness and memories to not only us Adults, but also to babies and children.

Baby Disney Classics and Baby Mickey Minnie Collection comes in 4 and 2 styles respectively while the Kids Heroes Collection comes in 3 styles.

Keeping the best for the last which is my personal favorite

PAC MAN - Unisex
(Coming to stores in January 2013)

PACMAN by the Classic 1980s Arcade Game
 Inspired by the classic 1980s arcade game, Havaianas Pac Man takes a whole new step in re-surfacing Old-School games into fashion, which not only infuses the nostalgic feel of the past but also the playfulness and element of fun that dwells in each individual.

This design comes in 2 different styles.

So what are you waiting for?
Don't step into the world of delusions and wait for your favourite styles to appear right in any of the Havaianas stores soon.   

Save up now & buy loads of collections to brighten each and everyday of your life with a pair of Havaianas Flip Flops

Feel free to visit the official Singapore site here for more details