Acer's Latest Innovation 2012

With the Launch of Windows® 8 on Friday, 26th October 2012,

Ever wondered what's in store for you from Acer?

Fret not, as I shall captivate you with some latest insights about the products that Acer has been working on for this Windows® 8 release!

But before that let me share with you some interesting facts about the History of Acer and how it work its way up to be one of the most popular IT brands currently.

Acer was founded in 1976, and succeeded in breaking the barriers between people and technology. Acer currently ranks no.2 for notebook PCs globally.

The Acer Group employs about 8,000 people across the globe with revenues for 2011 reaching US$15.7 billion.

Acer's channel business model is instrumental towards the company's success, while its multi-brand approach integrates not only Acer as a whole in worldwide markets but also with brands such as Gateway and Packard Bell.  

Acer's products incorporates the need of being environmentally friendy. Thus, with its vendors, they have managed to established a green supply chain. They have a diversified list of PC-centric product which includes notebook, desktop PCs, servers and storage, LCD monitors, projectors, smartphones and tablets. In addition, their sub-brands includes the consumer-focused Aspire series which I personally own one, and commercial sector TravelMate and Veriton series.

Acer is proud to be a Worldwide Partner of the Olympic Movement. Which includes supporting the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games and London 2012 Olympic games. 

What I Personally Feel about Acer since I own one personally?

 Acer has been reliable all this while with its unique and special designs that not only inspires people to get one but also captivates people to own one personally especially since it not only durable but it's battery life is amazing especially for the "Acer Aspire Timeline Series" which I currently have been using for 3 years ever since I step foot into Singapore Polytechnic and it is still working perfectly fine with its extended battery performance.

Everyone loves having a notebook that is not only portable but also fast, long lasting and light. These are the basic requirements that are needed to cope the needs of people's lifestyle these days. Therefore, I feel that Acer has all it needs to meet all of your demands. 

Thus, I shall not delay you further and keep you waiting, I shall elaborate more about their latest innovations.

Latest Innovations

Acer Aspire S7 Series
(Highly Recommended due to its amazing Corning Glass Cover)

'Picture Credits to Famous Blogger, William Tan"
When has Acer ever failed to interest you with their innovative designs?

 Here's the new Premium Acer Aspire S7 UltrabookSeries to take mobile computing a step further by incorporating a mix of its user-friendliness, high performance standards, design and durability which tags along with the new features of Windows® 8, to give you the best amazing mobile computing experience all at the tip of your finger tips

Moreover, it comes with a amazing touch screen that is highly precise in all ways that is backed up by special strong hinges to maximize your experience so as to allow you to touch the screen with no worries of the screen being too loose.  

Loose hinges would usually hinder your touch screen experience that may cause you to type wrongly due to shaky screens. This rids the need for you to consistently support your screen when you are touching the screen.

Yet to check out on the astonishing design?
Acer Aspire S7-191
(Front View)
Acer Aspire S7-39
(Front View)
Acer Aspire S7-39
(User View)
Acer Aspire S7-39
(Multi-User View)
S7 Ultrabook Series Specification Sheet
Personal Recommendation (S7 Series)
Suitable for Light Users
          • Light
          • Portable
          • User-Friendly
          • Fast Transfer Speeds
          • Effective Cooling System
          • Interactive Touch Screen
          • Innovative and Unique Designs
          • Awesome Audio & Visual Experience
    Keep your eyes wide open "Gamers"

    Acer Aspire M5-481PTG
    My Personal Favourite that comes with Nvdia Dedicated Graphics
    Acer Aspire M5-481PTG
    Aspire M5-481PTG Specification Sheet
    Personal Recommendation

    I'm personally more of an IT-Geek that learns most of my IT Skills on my own so I personally recommend this model for gamers that does intensive gaming especially when high performance graphics cards are required to cope with the ongoing high-end games in the market.

    Acer Aspire ICONIA Series
    Acer ICONIA W510
    (With Detachable Keyboard+Battery Dock)

     Able to rotate 295° degree angle with a dock that extends battery life up to 18hours. You no longer have to worry about your tablet's battery life. This rids the need for you to bring along your charger wherever you go. You also no longer need to charge your tablet as frequently as other models out in the market as long as you have the rotatable dock in place.

    Acer ICONIA 510
    (Without Dock)
    Aspire ICONIA W700
    (15° Ergonomic View)
    Acer ICONIA W700
    (70° Multimedia View)
    Acer ICONIA W700
    Aspire ICONIA Series Specification Sheet
    What's so special about Acer ICONIA Tablets?

    Acer ICONIA Series of Tablets are recommended for hands-on, on-the-go users whereby they have the freedom of using a device anywhere, anytime according to their needs and moods. 

    It has good and innovative design such as the Aspire ICONIA W700 with its "Stylish Cradle" that allows users to change their viewing angles with accordance to their needs and requirements which ranges from looking at recipes in the kitchen to watching movies on the tablet itself.

    Acer Aspire Z Series
    Acer Aspire ZS600
    Aspire Z Series Specification Sheet
    What's so special about Acer ZS600?

    Acer ZS600 is a Full High Definition Entertainment Center that is the hub of your digital life that not only saves space but also enhanced usability. It gives you a fabulous entertainment and premium performance. The modern design makes it pleasing to the eyes and incorporates a contemporary look and feel to your living room or work space. 

    With a VESA mounting kit (not included) you can also place this on the wall to not only save extra space but make the entire room look more sleek and neat.

    Leaving the Best for the last which is none other than the 27" Full HD High Definition Display All-In-One PC.

    Acer Aspire U Series
    Acer Aspire 7600U
    Awesome All-In-One PC that is packed with all the goodness that provides you with the maximum entertainment experience. This includes Dolby Digital Theater® v4 audio experience to boost your audio experience to allow you and your family members to sit down together to watch a movie just like you are in the theater.

    Power pack graphic card to boost your entertainment and gaming experience to ensure maximum video performance for better pictures and videos playback.

    What is so special is none other than the unique intuitive design that allows the recognition to play, control or select such as pausing a video without the need to move from your comfortable sofa seat.

    This can all be done with just a few Hand Gestures when you are front-facing the screen.

    Isn't that awesome and cool?
    Acer Aspire U Series Specification Sheet
    What's unique about this model?
    This All-In-One PC not only has an overall innovative and sleek design but also has the latest technology such as the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology which allows easy payments and instant wireless settings, simply by just bringing any of your mobile devices, tablet or smartphones close to the screen frame.

    Tempted to get one anytime soon?
     Head down to any Acer Participating Outlets and get your hands on one of these amazing devices as soon as it is released! 



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