Singapore's Hail Storm & Rain Is Not Toxic (25th June 2013) - Trees Fallen, Vehicles & Ceilings Damaged

Singapore's Hail & Rain 

Video Taken From The Following Link

Video Taken From The Following Link

National Environmental Agency
Confirmed that Hail Is Not Related to Cloud Seeding In Indonesia

Snapshot Obtained From The Following Link

Fallen Trees Due To The Strong Hail
25th June 2013

Look At What Happened 
Jurong East Ave 1 & Jurong Town Hall Road
Taken By Me On 25th June 2013

Damaged Ceiling & Motorcycle

Stay Home Whenever There's Rain For Now
No Matter Toxic Or Non-Toxic

It's Better To Be Safe Than Sorry
You Never Know When The Hail Strikes Again
Or Whether The Rain Is Toxic Or Not