Kim's Bird Nest Beverage - Available at all 7 Eleven Stores

KIM Bird's Nest Beverage
It is a natural and refreshing beverage made from genuine bird's nest and rock sugar. 

Why is it recommended?

Hygienically processed
No artificial Preservatives and Coloring

They have certified laboratories to do testing to show that the beverage contains 100% genuine bird's nest, with no jelly or gelatin added.


7-Eleven Promotion
Valid from 22nd May 2013 to 18th June 2013

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Kim's Bird Nest
Available in two flavors

Kim's Bird Nest with Ginseng
(230 g)

Kim's Bird Nest with Rock Sugar
(230 g)

Located at Mapletree Business City
10 Pasir Panjang Road
Singapore 117438

Available at any 7-Eleven Stores

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Savoring the Bird's Nest Drink With My Bestie

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William Tan

Why do we drink Bird Nest?
Bird’s nest improves the quality of our cells by regenerating new cells and at the same time strengthening the body’s immune system to fight against diseases and illnesses.

It is also effective for improving our respiratory and digestive functions. It also enhances the speed of recovery when you are down with an illness.

Bird’s nest can alleviate fatigue and improve mental clarity when consumed regularly.

Thus, Bird’s nest is traditionally used to enhance overall optimal health.

For pregnant mothers :

Bird’s nest
is an excellent source of calcium. It helps to strengthen the mother's lungs and liver while improving their metabolic rate as well. 

Bird’s nest not only benefits the pregnant mothers themselves but also their babies too

It is believed that pregnant mothers who consume bird’s nest frequently would have babies with fine and smooth complexion

Birds nest can also stimulate the growth of the infant’s brain.

For women :

Birds nest
is an excellent source of protein and contains properties that helps regenerate the skin and prevent premature aging

Regular consumption promotes youthful skin complexion by giving it a healthier skin tone and a more radiant glow.

For elderly :

Bird’s nest helps to strengthen the elderly's lungs and it also helps in improving their digestive and immune system, which are essential in the boosting of good health for the elderly.

For smokers and drinkers:

Bird’s nest
helps to cleanse blood and rid the lungs of impurities and toxins

Bird’s nest can help strengthen the smoker's lungs and prevent respiratory problems.

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