HIGH PSI ALERT - 282 at 11pm In Singapore (Avoid Outdoor Activities)

Southwest Monsoon conditions have onset over the region since the beginning of the week, with low level winds blowing predominantly from the southeast or southwest. The Southwest Monsoon season typically last from June to September and is the traditional dry season for the southern ASEAN region. 

In the coming months, occasional extended periods of drier weather can be expected in the region. During the season, increased hotspot activities may be expected in Sumatra and Borneo. In addition, transboundary smoke haze could affect the region during periods of persistent dry weather conditions.

Weather conditions in the region have become drier and an increase in hotspot activities has been observed mainly over central Sumatra. 113 and 187 hotspots were detected over Sumatra on 17 and 18 June 2013 respectively. The smoke haze from the fires in Sumatra was brought over by prevailing winds blowing from the southwest or west, and has affected Singapore since 13 June 2013.

Take Note That The Hazy Conditions
Are expected to persist for the next few days or even a week or two.

The PSI will be updated on this website 

Air Quality Gauge
(Air Quality Is Currently Very Unhealthy)

Recommended that everyone avoid doing outdoor activities these few days/weeks especially those with respiratory, asthmatic problems, lung or heart disease.

Everyone else should avoid prolonged or heavy/strenuous exertion or activities.

It Is recommended that a mask should be worn to reduce the amount of haze inhaled to prevent further complications to your health as haze itself pose a health risk when substantially inhaled.

Masks are rapidly sold-off shelves these few days from Guardian & Watsons Pharmacy. Do head down early to get your masks as soon as possible!

PSI Dropped from 321 to 282
From 10pm to 11pm

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