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Curry Times

Alexandra Retail Centre

460 Alexandra Road

Open Since
7th May 2013
Iconic Curry Bun
A zesty mixture of potatoes, chicken and tangy curry paste all nestled in a soft dough bun baked to golden brown perfection.

You've never lived until you sink your teeth into one of these

The Price of this Bun is $1.60 per bun.

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Save $3 From 3rd June 2013 to 6th July 2013
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Beef Brisket Rice
Unique "Tingkat Packaging Method"

Quite a unique strategy to save space by using the rice's plastic packaging to maximize the usage of the space that is not covered by the brisket broth/soup. 

To be honest I was shocked when I first went to collect my food as I even wanted to check with them whether they had forgotten my best friend, William Tan's Beef Brisket Rice.

Beef Brisket Rice
This Beef is tender and the carrots are soft. Moreover, the Soup is not too salty and yet not blend at all. Simply tasty and delicious.

For a dish that is price at $7.90 after the promotional discount, it is worth it for light-eaters that do not eat really much.

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Sambal Chicken Super Drum
Amazing Tasty & Delectable Chicken
This is the dish I ordered which was apparently price at $6.90 after the promotional discount which I felt was worth the money especially when it's quite filling and delicious.

The aromatic chicken that has a skin that simply taste like roasted duck somehow. Which is not only tasty but simply extraordinarily tender as it is not too oily and not too salty which means the seasonings are added in the right quantity.

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About Curry Times

People love curry. The aromatic, sizzling Singaporean curry. Or the rich, tangy Indian hot broths. Or the zesty, bisque-like Japanese sweetness.

Who is better to spread the love of curry than Old Chang Kee
The pioneer and master of Singapore's most iconic curry puff? 

Who better to lead our people into the taste heaven of the world of curry than us, the rightful authority in all-things curry?

And so they returned to our kitchens, with nothing more in mind than to serve the nation with the best curries you can ever find. 

So they started it all again, beginning with the things that made their curry puff so good in the first place. 

The ingredients, masterful preparation, and above all else
The passion and the tradition 
That had given birth to Singapore's favourite recipe

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