Step by Step Guide on how to make your very own gwiyomi/kiyomi video (Blogger's Gwiyomi/Kiyomi Video)

Wanna learn how to make your own Gwiyomi/ Kiyomi video?
Follow the step by step guide found online!!!
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What actually is Gwiyomi ?
Gwiyomi” translated into English means someone who is cute hence the new dance craze literally means “Cute Player”.

Many have uploaded videos of themselves doing a 50-second dance routine on the YouTube social network.

Even blogger, Yutakis also did a Gwiyomi video

 Blogger Kaviel Teo (Myself)

Blogger Tyler
Famous Blogger, William Tan
My Bestie @ (

It is really a real tough challenge for one to try!
Go & try it and see if you can do all the steps within one take!!!
Even my shy & funny bestie, William Tan managed to make his own Gwiyomi despite him being "Video Shy". So it isn't impossible but it is whether you are willing to try to do it.
Take the challenge now & Gwiyomi it!
Don't be afraid of being "Camera Shy" as you're unique the way you are born
Also check out EXO-K's maknae Sehun 1+1 Aegyo/Gwiyomi video



  1. Wow!! great post really loved the way you explained the dance steps . Will surely try it and share further !!
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