Spread Awareness of Sexual Abuse (SAY NO TO RAPES)

Spread the Awareness of Sexual Abuse
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They deserved to be punished severely
Protesters wanting the rapist involved to be punished badly!


On 15th April 2013 , a 5-year-old girl went missing from her home in East Delhi after going out to play. She was discovered Wednesday night when neighbors detected muffled cries in a small locked room in the same building where the girl lived. 

The child's family found her, bleeding and brutalized. The five-year-old girl was apparently abducted and kept hostage without food and water in a room in which the attacker lived.

Plain Sick & Disgusting
No sense of thinking & humanity!

Doctors expressed shock at what had been done to the child. The medical team found not only a glass bottle but also pieces of a candle that were apparently forced into her private parts.

"This is the first time I have seen such barbarism,"
R.K. Bansal, the medical superintendent of Swami Dayanand Hospital, said in a televised interview.

Doctors expressed shock at what had been done to the child. The medical team found a
glass bottle and numerous pieces of candles forced into her private parts. "This is the very first time I have seen such barbaric act," R.K. Bansal, the medical superintendent of Swami Dayanand Hospital, said in a televised interview.
Heartless Guys
How could you bear to kill a poor child?

"There were injuries on her lips, cheeks, arms and anus area; her neck had bruise marks suggesting that attempts were made to strangle her," Bansal added.

She have yet to grown up to a full-grown adult to see the amazing wonders of this world, who gave you the right to deprive her from the freedom to live and experience her life to the fullest? Nobody can decide whether he or she lives as it's someone's own personal life.

Rising public pressure prompted authorities to move the injured girl to one of New Delhi's premier public hospitals

At the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, where girl was shifted, doctors said her vital signs are normal and that she is out of danger.

Even though her vital signs are normal, she'll live with the burden that would be carried throughout her life as she suffered that brutal ordeal that would always be like a scar deep down in her heart that she'll never be able to rid herself from.

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Hopefully Proper Justice would be sentenced
For the two involved to be properly sentenced and punish

Don't let the guilty live their life happily and walk away with what they have done without any conscience at all to what heinous crime they committed. They deserve a memorable punishment that would remind them of the mistakes they make so that they can repent from them and never repeat the same mistakes again.

No one deserved to be brutally treated like that as we all are special and unique in our ways and sex should only be done with someone you love and not given to some random stranger who forcefully touch and rape you.

There are certain limits and boundaries that we should take note off, and this is one of the boundaries that we should never temper with as it deals a great deal of pain to the victim involved.

Outrage Erupts In India
5-Year-Old Girl's Rape

Video of Protesters
Demanding Justice are the people of India

This marks the sadness of truth that people in India are facing as they fear the future of their children's well-being especially when every 4 hours they are hearing people being raped on the news.

The safety of the children lies in the hand of the government and the police which is something that they should rectify as soon as possible as each and every parents are feeling unsafe and uncomfortable in allowing their children to go out alone.

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