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Have You Checkout PSY's Latest Single?
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 "Gentleman" is the 19th K-pop single
By South Korean musician PSY released on April 12, 2013 (KST).
Remember the previous Gangnam Style?
It is the follow-up to his international hit single "Gangnam Style",
Guess what, at the time of "Gentleman's release, it had been viewed on YouTube 1.5 billion times.The first public performance of the song, with its associated dance, was unveiled at 6:30pm on April 13 at Seoul World Cup Stadium in Seoul.
The song racked up 22 million YouTube hits in 24 hours to set a new record for most views in a single day on the video-sharing website, beating Justin Bieber's "Beauty and a Beat", which was viewed 10.6 million times in 24 hours.
As of 16 April 2013 (2013-04-16), the video has been watched over 110 million times on YouTube.

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The all time favorite and never-dying video!
"Gangnam Style"

Park Jae-sang (born December 31, 1977), better known by his stage name PSY (싸이), is a South Korean singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer, record producer and television personality. Psy is known domestically for his humorous videos and stage performances, and internationally for his hit single "Gangnam Style."

The song's refrain "Oppan Gangnam Style" which means "Big brother is Gangnam style", with PSY referring to himself) was entered into
The Yale Book of Quotations as one of the most famous quotes of 2012.

On October 23, 2012, Psy met
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at the United Nations Headquarters where Ban expressed his desire to work with the singer because of his "Unlimited Global Reach".

On December 21, 2012, at around 15:50
UTC, his music video for "Gangnam Style" exceeded 1 billion views on YouTube, becoming the first and currently only video to do so in the website's history. Psy was subsequently recognized by the media as the "King of YouTube".

In December 2012,
MTV noted Psy's rise from little-known to "global superstar", and, for being first in the YouTube-Era to secure a place in pop culture history, hailed the singer as the "Viral Star of 2012."
On December 31, 2012, Psy performed in a globally televised New Year's Eve celebration with American rap-artist MC Hammer on-stage in front of a live audience of over 1 million people in Times Square, New York City.

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Hot hits over the life time
I believe his fame will never die off!
PSY will be part of the revolutionary KPOP history as he will never be forgotten because of his uniqueness as well as originality that can never be copied because his stylish dance moves and song has made such a great hit that makes it such a trend that nobody would ever forget that "Gallop-Like Dance Move."
Leave our eyes wide open as there might be more videos on his future singles that might just vibe up the pop history in our lives by making another few more jaw-dropping singles that would trend everywhere and anywhere as it spreads virally throughout the web.