Mcdonald's New Black Pepper Flamer Burger vs McSpicy Burger

Take a look & drool Mcdonald's Lovers !!
A New Burger is added to the McDonald's Menu
Black Pepper Flamer Burger
Want something Spicy to spice up your day?
"Instead of Eating the Usual McSPICY burger"

Mcdonald's McSPICY vs Black Pepper Flamer Burger?
Which burger do you prefer?

Visit any Mcdonald outlet today island-wide to try their brand new "Black Pepper Flamer" that features a juicy, tender whole muscle chicken marinated with a feisty combination of black pepper, cumin and other spices, cooked to crispy perfection in black pepper batter.

Topped with crisp lettuce and sandwiched between lightly toasted cornmeal dusted buns, the "Black Pepper Flamer" is a fiery combination to set your taste buds flaming.

The Black Pepper Flamer is only available on the menu for a limited period of time only, pair the Black Pepper Flamer with the all-new "Zesty Citrus Thai Shaker Fries" along with the refreshing "Lychee McFizz" which brings the "Fizziness" down through your throat with the sweet lychee aftertaste.

For double the size and double the spice!
Double Black Pepper Flamer is also available!

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