Indecent Acts in Public (Public Display of Affection)

Photo screen shot from the Youtube video feature=player_embedded&v=73eqkKwvG8Y#!
Photo edited by: Kaviel Teo
A Train is not a place for you to be doing that!
Get a place instead Dude!

Calm your tits & stop that act of indecency 
Don't even blow job for someone in the train!

It's so obvious that you are doing something so awkwardly wrong and if you are not embarrassed proves to show how disgusting you are!

No offense but that's really stupid!
Hiding under a jacket isn't going to hide your acts!

Video taken from: Youtube
Uploaded by: OnifunChannels

Now a these days kids and people with "Raging Youthful Hormones" are doing stuff that are not tolerable that makes people "Fume" whenever they hear the actual story of stuff.

This is not what we should be doing as we're all humans and don't deserve to be treated that way.

Comments on the Video

Some people even pitied the poor girl for having to have such a boyfriend for allowing her girlfriend to do such stuff openly in public.

Some feel that it's okay as long as they enjoyed it and that they are having fun.

Some would even want to expose their dirty acts in public if they are present at that location.

But sometimes we would never know the actual story as it may even be the girl who tempted him to allow her to do so.

Personal Point of View

We all have certain "Horny & Kinky" moments of our own thus we can't blame the natural nature of us being highly active on the sexual side of us.

But never take that as an excuse to harm people in any ways as I would rather all of you to find someone to date and spend your time together; not for the sake of sex but the sake of love instead

Love would certainly and naturally lead on to sex as an additional "Plus Point" in a relationship but it is never an obligation as I never would encouraged all of you young kids out there to have sex before getting married.