Gwiyomi/ Kiyomi Videos by both guys & girls that are spreading so rapidly worldwide via "Facebook" and "Youtube"

Guess What's happening now?
 We're in the "Gwiyomi/Kiyomi Era!"

I am hearing Gwiyomi/Kiyomi songs everywhere even when I am on the train or out at Far East Plaza walking around. This song has become so popular that many of our famous bloggers have also put up their very own "Unique & Special" version. Just like the "PSY - Gangnam Style" video, this video is spreading so rapidly everywhere.

I have been seeing the videos continuously being spread throughout "Facebook" and "Youtube" and some even set it as their phone's "Ring-Tone." I was on my way back one day on the bus and there was a group of people who were listening to different cute/kawaii ladies that did their on edition of the video.

So what's this song all about?

Gwiyomi Song or Kwiyomi Song (귀요미송) is the lead single from 귀요미송 (Re Title), a digital single by a South Korean indie singer Hari which describes the love of a girl and a boy.

[Eng Sub] 귀요미송 Kiyomi Song 
(Cutie Song) by 하리 Hari (Full Song)

Here are some of the popular videos 
Done by Singapore's very own popular bloggers!

Gwiyomi Version 
Done By: Tyler Hikaru

Gwiyomi Version 
Done By: Typical Ben & Randy

Gwiyomi Version
Done By: Yutakis & Miyake

Kpop Top Gwiyomi
Done By: Proudexotic

KPOP Part 1
KPOP Part 2

Other Good Gwiyomi Videos

Mild มายด์ : Gwiyomi

Broken Gwiyomi Song 패러디 [귀요미송 by 하리] 
Done By: 0FeiLi0

A Very Pretty Girl doing her Gwiyomi! 
2 ♡ Gwiyomi/Cutie Song 
Done By: brokensoul89

Other Virally Spread Videos are below
All I Can Is that they are super "Brave"

Ugly and Scary Gwiyomi/Kiyomi
Done By: VideoCults

Ugly Gwiyomi
Done By: Evia Wong

Ugly and Scary Gwiyomi / Kiyomi - Version 2
(Clown / Joker Version) 
Done By: VideoCults

【好料网民模仿】kiyomi!! gwiyomi 丑得半死 ugly as hell 
Done By: 里昱趙

Kiehl's Boy
Gwiyomi/Kiyomi Version!

Done by: Cavell Lim
(Cute & Handsome Edition)



  1. I love the looks I can get with this. It's a definite Iink is Eyelastin. already know which is my favorite and it surprised me - the <a winner. Of course the whole box is great.

  2. Here's my version ^^