Drink, Drunk, Drive & Die/Bang/Hurt Someone/Kill Someone?

Beware of how much you drink when you drive
Avoid drink,drunk,drive & death/bang
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Remember the previous incident regarding the Ferrari Driver?

An incident that killed Ferrari driver Ma Chi, 31, a private investor from Sichuan at the scene, Cabby Cheng Teck Hock, 52, who died on Sunday around 7pm at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. taxi passenger, Ms Shigemi Ito who died in hospital shortly after.

Another victim, motorcyclist Mr Muhammad Najib Ghazali, 26, was admitted to hospital with a spinal injury while the mystery female Ferrari passenger in her 20s was admitted to the hospital with a head injury.

See how fast a life can end just by a mistake made by someone? That's why we should be cautious on how we go about driving on the road especially when you took a drink or two before driving. Your incapability in being a good drinker would just cause innocent lives to perish just by your negligence on your part.

No Driving License yet :(
Even though I do not drive yet it is important that drivers take note!

Everyone is responsible for the safety of other drivers on the road as any mistakes done on the road is irreversible and it may just cost the life of any innocent by-passer that happens to be around your vicinity when an accident happens due to your negligence.

It is important that we are well aware of certain responsibilities that we should carefully take note of before driving out onto the road.

Firstly, we should be well aware of the amount of alcohol we drink before we drive, if a substantial amount is ingested, please ask someone to drive you home on your behalf or in the best case scenario, do not drive out whenever you have the intention of drinking.

Latest Video on a Drunk Driver
We should not follow the footsteps of this driver
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Like I say do not judge the driver just by the video!

Firstly, we shouldn't judge a person by their nationality under any circumstances no matter how much you feel that the driver was in the wrong as everyone do make mistakes all the time in life and we can't totally blame someone for their wrong doings as we never know when and how will we make the mistake and to what extent does the consequences of the mistakes result in.

Nationality and sexuality does not judge how well a person drives and how meticulous a person is in driving that gives you a 100% clear record from the book in having no accidents throughout his/her entire life.

So one advice in life
Do not drive if you went drinking