Hong Kong Trip 2012

Hong Kong Trip 2012
It has way been a long time since I updated my blog and I would sincerely like to apologize to my readers out there. I was busy with my exams which was followed by my long dreaded holidays which only lasted for three weeks.I thought I would share what was so interesting about this holiday that kept me busy and happy for the past few weeks.
It was my first "Adult-hood" ride on the plane that I could remember ever since my trip when I was younger which I could vaguely remember & NOTHING was more embarrassing than being such a "Mountain Tortise" to not know where the lavatory was located in the Plane. 

The Escalator that heads to my PlaneFlight No: TR2902
Moreover, not to mentioned the fact that I did not bring up an empty bottle to fill it up with water just before boarding the plane which left me thirsty for quite some time.

But anyway, putting all those embarrassments aside, it was a learning journey for me to set foot on a journey overseas that was further than Indonesia which was the furthest place I ever went in my life that I could remember of. 

The sits in the Budget Airline was kind of too small when you take into account of the length of my legs especially when I am 184cm tall.

Had a hard time sleeping!
But the "Zoom" upon take off was SUPER AWESOME!
I have to personally thank Nigel Lew for offering me this amazing trip to fly overseas as his friend could not make it for this trip due to certain personal reasons. 

Nigel's Sister, Nigel and Kaviel
(From the left)
I wouldn't want to bore you with the details on what I did at Hong Kong but I would just summarize what I did there, I was stayed at China on my first two days after I touch down at Macau International Airport at around 10am on 23rd December 2012

We then cross the border by taking the bus to the custom between Zhu Hai and Macau. On 24th December 2012, we came back to Macau to try to famous Portuguese Egg Tart which is one of the softest, fluffiest egg tart whereby the taste still lingers in my mouth up till today. We also visited the ruins of the remaining wall after a fire that broke out at the church many years ago.

We also went into the museum at the peak of a small mountain-like structure where I saw certain interesting stuff that you don't usually get to see in Singapore. But on my way there, I cam-whored and took some pictures.

This is how I would hold the cannon!
Haha, It really looks kind of obscene, but oh well we have to keep sake some memories overseas as we never know when would be the next chance being there.

Titanic Pose!
This Peak look has a shape of a ship so here goes nothing!
At the Museum trying to mail out my entry ticket!
*Apparently it couldn't fit as they blocked it HAHA*
We took a ferry known as the TurboJet which brought us directly to Hong Kong. This is my first time being to Macau, China as well as Hong Kong which was kind of exciting especially when you are new  to these places. But its kind of scary there especially when I don't really understand Cantonese. All I tried remembered learning there was counting the numbers from 1-10 in Cantonese.

Ate Maggie Mee on the Ferry
Hopefully I'm right but here it goes, Yat, Li, San, Seh, Mm, Lok, Cat, Pat, Sap. No offense as I don't really know how to spell but I'll still try my best to continue learning cantonese.

In Hong Kong, we went to many places but stayed at a Inn near Mongkok Station.

Tried the Famous Pig Organ Soup at Mong Kok Hawker

We also visited the longest escalator which seemed so familiar. I think I found it familiar because the running man crew film there once before in one of their episodes.

Is this the Bar filmed in Running Man?
I'm not really sure about this!

An Epic Shot with Nigel along the way up the escalators!
Met my God Sister, Xin Ru at Hong Kong
Was shocked to see my god sister there as she messaged me during my stay from 25-28 December 2012 at Hong Kong. I had a hard time finding her as I did not have a line over there so I had to search for a proper payphone that accepts coin.

Was lucky to have met her there thanks to the help of Nigel's professional navigation and understanding of the clues that were given. We were only told that my sister was at a restaurant next to Nike which is opposite Levi's. Apparently, there were two of each stores over there. Which complicated things further.

We brought them to some good place to shop for guys clothes and also told them the location to buy girl's accessories before setting off for Disney Land on the 27th December 2012.

This train is so cute as it really brings back nostalgic memories of my childhood where we would usually sit down at our sofa and watch Kids Central and they would show Mickey Mouse sometimes.

This statue is so cute
It moves up and down probably with the aid of a metal rod

It's Cute Mickey at the back!

The Railway station that we didn't manage to take!

A Photo Keepsake to bring home to remember our time together at Disneyland Hong Kong

Guess we needed to take some photos or the trip there would be a total waste!

Photo taken at Toy Story Land
This was a super fun game but I couldn't match up to Nigel's score and the lady in front of more than 400,000 points.

Merely 17,000 points.

A Photo with my favorite childhood Cartoon Character

That's a short summary of my trip!
Let's make friends together and probably go out on a holiday sometime together?




  1. YAY <3 Yat , Yi , Sam , Sey , Mm , Lok , Chat, Bat , Gau , Sep.

    i might get the spelling wrong too ! haha