Majestic Bay Restaurant

Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant

Wondering where to head for a perfect lunch and dinner gathering with your friends & families?

Why not head down now to Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant and get your taste buds working!

With their awesome signature dishes that can shock you with a big "Wow!" 

Let's just say, the dishes there are unique and special and only found at Majestic Restaurant all thanks to Chef Yong Bing Ngen.

Background Information 

To Chef Yong Bing Ngen, opening a restaurant is not more than a dream to him only, but a stage to portray out his contemporary skills in chinese cuisine.

"Singapore always has a love affair with seafood" he mentioned and he always had the intentions of opening a seafood restaurant but the only problem was finding a perfect right spot for it.

The completion of Gardens by The Bay was the mark of his journey towards his goals of opening his own Seafood restaurant located just below the Flower Dome

The 110-seater restaurant offers not only a spacious layout for family and group dining but also a private gathering for up to a maximum of 14 guest in a private room that is available for booking.

Corporate functions, cocktail receptions and weddings of up to 120 guests are also welcome to be hosted at such an amazing restaurant.

The design of this restaurant is to make the most out of the waterfront view of Marina Bay. It gives a reminiscent of a ship deck that adds-on a feel just like when you are having your lunch or dinner on an actual ship itself.

The awesome aquarium view the moment you enter the restaurant gives you the vibes and feeling of being in the ocean itself.

Majestic bay is open 7 days a week  and offers both lunch and dinner

Flower Dome, #01-10 Gardens by the Bay,
18 Marina Gardens Drive,
Singapore 018953

Owner Chef: Yong Bing Ngen
General Manager: Arthur Ter 
Contact Number: (+65) 6604-6604
Official Site:

Average Bill: 
  • $35++ per guest for lunch
  • $80++ per guess for dinner  
Operating Hours:

(Monday - Friday)
Lunch: 11.45am - 2.30pm 
Dinner: 5.45pm - 9.30pm

(Saturday,Sunday & Public Holidays)
Lunch: 11.30am - 2.30pm
Dinner: 5.45pm - 9.30pm 

Modes of payments: 
  • Cash 
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Expres  


Gardens by the Bay, Bay South Carpark

Fresh Crab from the Sea
Bay's Signature "Kopi" Crab

Love drinking Kopi in the wee early morning of the day?

Why not try one of Chef's Yong signature dish that took him 3 months to "brew" which consist of 3 different types of coffee beans.

It is none other than Bay's Signature "Kopi" Crab where the price of the crab is based on market price of that particular day itself. 

For crustacean fans as well as people that is always in search for new types of food in the market. Here's one to spike up your taste buds with.

It's something unique and special and Chef Yong should be one of the first chef to have come up with this combination of "Crab with Kopi".

It is an unusual and uncommon mix that is gives you a sweet caramelized taste that sweetens you right down to your throat.

  • Market Price

Baked Rice
Baked Rice, Assorted Seafood with Chef's Recipe Sauce

Moreover, there is a must try dish which is also one of their signature dish known as "Baked Rice, Assorted Seafood with Chef's Recipe Sauce priced at $68++ for 4-6 pax and $88++ for 7 to 12 pax.

The picture above is none other than the one priced at $68, can you imagine the size of the $88 baked rice? It will be one load full of amazing nutritious and savoring rice that can keep you salivating. Two to three bowls of that wonderful Baked Rice would be a no problem as the the mixture is so amazing that you'll never stop eating it. 

What's inside the amazing dish is as followed: Plump Scallops that is one of the biggest I've ever seen, Huge Mussels, Prawns as well as Baby Abalones which is one of the first I've ever encountered in my life. All this is topped with spiced cream sauce baked with mozzarella cheese to form a fragrant crust.

  • $68++ for 4 to 6 pax
  • $88++ for 7 to 12 pax

Steam Fish Lovers
Leopard Garoupa

Craving for nice steam fish for your meal?

Head down now to Majestic Bay Restaurant to try amazing seafood delight, "Leopard Garoupa" which can be steamed in light soya sauce.

The "Springy" yet soft texture of the fish brings out the freshness of the fish to its maximum. It is not only tender but it just soothes your heart with a pinch of saltiness from the soy sauce that melts the moment it enters your mouth.

Interesting Fact:
Do you know that that it is a necessity for the fish to be cooked at least 80% and that the fish must stay intact to the bone. So do not fret of uncooked fish as their quality assurance is at its maximum.

  • Market Price

Soup of the Day

Old Cucumber with Pork Ribs Soup

Soothing Soup that warms your heart the moment it enters your mouth. The calm soup that lightens your day up with a slight bitterness that has cooling properties that detoxifies, enhances the complexion, prevents heat stroke and lowers blood pressure.

The soup's fillings all laid on a plate to let you savour the soft tender meat that is so soft that it slips right off your chopsticks. Interesting fact is that cucumbers are known to contain vitamins that dissolve fats and aids in disintegrating fats in the body.

  • $18 for 2-4 pax 
  • $27 for 4-8 pax   

Raddish Cake
Wok-fried, raddish cake, XO chili sauce
Softest raddish cake I have eaten that has an amazing aroma that is added on with large amount of raddish that is mixed with a generous amount of eggs and prawns. Simply amazing dish that really a natural taste of its own without the need of any form of additional sauce to accompany such an amazing dish.

This Raddish cake is a must try for everyone which is also termed as "Carrot Cake" in Singapore.

This is rich in goodness that lets you savour the true actual real taste of carrot cake that is not mixed with a large amount of flour as compared to outside stores. 

  • $20 for 2-4 pax,
  • $30 for 5-8 pax
Dim Sums
Spicy, minced pork dumpling
Since Dim Sums especially dumplings are one of my all time favourite, Personally, I like the spiciness of the what the Majestic Bay's Minced pork dumpling offers, the texture of the dumpling is highly commendable with the fillings cooked just right. The dumpling's sauce oozes out the moment you bite it which mixes with the spicy sauce to give a all-round amazing taste.

  • $4.20 for 4pcs

Baked BBQ pork bun 
The softness of this bun depicts how professional the baker is, with its smooth texture and fillings that are filled with BBQ pork goodness.

  • $4.20 for 3pcs 

Seared, chili crab meat bun  
Specially filled chilli crab bun which is the first I've ever eaten. Crispy bun that is filled with chilli crab gives me a pinch of spiciness that gives a all round taste of goodness that is unexplainable. Goes specially well as an appetizer which is definitely worth trying right before the start of an amazing meal.

  • $4.50 for 3pcs  
Steamed, shanghai dumpling, pork 
Those who have tried other kinds of Shanghai Dumpling Pork, 小笼包 this is something that you definitely must try as it is not only better, but it is just so good that this truly brings out the true taste and feel of the oozing warm sauce that oozes out the moment you bite it within your mouth.

  • $4.20 for 3pcs 
Take note that the Dim Sum Menus are offered at lunch time.

甜 品诱惑
Of course, not leaving out the desserts as it is always a must to end a 7-9 course meal without a nice and soothing dessert.

I am going to introduce to you a mix of hot and cold desserts in this restaurant which includes hot savory desserts such as;
Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Yam Paste Stuffing, Shredded Coconut, Steamed Custard Bun with Salted Egg Yolk, Bay’s Chinese Pancake with Red Bean Paste stuffing and last but not least the cold dessert which is none other than the Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Fresh Cream Stuffing.

First from the left, Chinese Pancake with Red Bean Paste is also a mild sweet dessert that is not only sweet but also soft yet crunchy. The savory red bean stuffing brings out the cuisine's unique sweet crunchy pancake taste.

Second from the left, the Steamed Custard Bun with Salted Egg yolk is simply amazing with its custard oozing out with a slight salted taste that accompanies with a bite from it. A unique chinese dessert that is accompanied with a combination of sweet and salted bringing it the taste on a whole new level.

Third from the left, the Glutinous Rice Dumpling is my personal favourite as it is something soft and smoooth where the cream melts upon biting it. The texture is just like that of a mochi which gives you a mix of japanese and chinese cuisine right in just one bite.
Lastly, Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Yam Paste Stuffing is a mild, sweet dessert that gives you just a right amount of sweetness without over powering you after a long filling meal.

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