Sony Bravia 4K TV

SONY 4K TV (KD-84X9000)
Featuring the industry's largest 84-inch class television that is runs on Sony's "4K X-Reality PRO" super-resolution high picture quality engine.

Sony was able to make its very own 4K TV with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 and was showcased at V On Shenton Showroom at 11am this morning on 03rd October 2012.

The 4K LCD Panel comprises of approximately 8.29 megapixels which is about "Four times" the Full HD Standard

With its ability to play high quality images which are stunningly crisp with 4K resolution, interested buyers need no longer fret the fears of being bothered by the pix-elated images but to the interested buyer's astonishment they may even feel much more happier with the 4K TV's breathtaking and precise images that are clear with the capability of a wide range viewing angle of about 60 degrees even despite sitting as much as half the distance to the optimum viewing position, as compared to a Full HD TV.

It is usually recommended that the distance is equal to three times the screen height. But this particular 4K TV enables viewers to sit as close to half the distance required by a normal Full HD Screen to be able to view the best viewing experience from the television.

Comparison between different sizes of TV
We were unveiled with this new 84-inch LCD 4K TV and was given this picture as a comparison to compare the huge difference and jump that Sony was able to achieve with this new television that aims to create a whole new possibilities for the technological advancement of game and movie creators and the audio & visual industry to create more intriguing technology and games to excite the curiosity of youths in games and adults in the audio and visual entertainment sector.

This includes creating more simultaneous-viewing games when you are playing your Playstation-3 using a 4K TV using two different glasses that is specifically made for each of the players.
2K to 4K conversions up scaling of movies is something that this 4K television is capable of doing.

Testing out the new 4K TV sound quality
With this heart-baffling technology, a suitable audio experience must be accompanied with this amazing television which was something that Sony Bravia took into account for.

This television is built with "10 Unit Live Side Speaker System" which is optimized for its large-size screen. Incorporated with Sony's unique high quality sound signal-processing technology and provides three-dimensional sound that envelops the viewer with in position-orienting tones, from deep bass to high notes.

With this Television priced at $35,999 being sold only at selected stores such as Sony Store Isetan Ochard and authorised outlets which is released only in the early-January 2013 onwards, we expect to see a huge interest in this product as this product is worth every cent of its cost especially after having a hands-on experience and view of this amazing screen when you head down to the store after its release.

Precise Visibility of a Newspaper Article on the 4K TV
The details are superb and precise as shown in the picture above, as the newspaper article's words were clearly visible on the screen which is a "Plus Factor" as other televisions manufactured by Sony is unable to achieve such precision and visibility which is what makes me feel that it is worth the buy.

So make your way down to any of the Sony Stores or Authorized dealers mentioned above to feel the experience and beauty of this new television and you may even consider getting yourself one when it is launched in the beginning of the year 2013.