Kiehl's Ion Orchard National Day Event

National Day Event @ Ion Orchard

This is my first event at Kiehl's which was apparently a job introduced by none other than my good blogger friend, William Tan. It was a tiring but yet interesting and fun job that I kind of enjoyed. I made new friends with Hau Wee and Bryan Lim that was my working colleagues on that particular day.

We were stationed at Kiehl's at Ion Orchard that day and as all of you might have realized, Kiehl's has always been generous in times of giving out samples as we're hired to do so as it is a smart move made by Kiehl's themselves to publicized their products by giving out samples and asking people to sign their profile cards during special events as such instead of publicizing their products over the media which is usually redundant and useless as people usually do not take note of such advertisements and always treat such advertisements as commercials that are just for show and that are not reliable and are only talking a whole load of nonsense.

This is not the case for Kiehl's as they made not only a smart move but also a wise move by allowing people to get the hands on feel about their new products release and the effectiveness of their products by allowing the professionals to let them test the products on the spot in the shops while clearly informing them about its effectiveness, usefulness as well as its directions of usage.


Kiehl's expanded its business to different countries including Singapore which has numerous store locations located around the world. L'Oréal Group purchased Kiehl's in April 2000 and led to its expansion and popularity in Singapore itself.

By hearing their achievement we came to see how such a small apothecary that was initially just homoeopathic, was able to achieve something that big and able to do intensive research in making the impossible, possible.

Thus, Kiehl's is one of the rare companies that managed to achieve such great achievement over the years ever since its establishment in an Old Apothecary in New York's East Village neighbourhood about 160 years ago since 1851.

Powerful-Strength Line Reducing Concentrate 

As most of the people who are close to me realize that I'm a very vain and metro-sexual boy that always places all his focus on his face and have half his life staring at himself at the mirror for the past 19 years of my life. Thus, I've personally tried quite a number of Kiehl's product and this is one of my all time favorites, Powerful-Strength Line Reducing concentrate.

This special Concentrate has 10.5% of Pure Vitamin C that is rarely seen in the market as at such a high concentration, It is difficult to control its stability in terms of the chemistry of Vitamin C itself which is complex and hard to maintain its complex structure. This product is widely famous for its intensive capabilities of enabling and inducing collagen production which not only increases the skin's radiance but also induces anti-aging properties to allow yourself to look as young and beautiful despite your aging years.

As you all know Vitamin C is something we consume every single day in fruits especially Oranges, Kiwi & Guava and certain common food that we usually eat such as Red or Green Sweet Pepper. Thus, with this powerful concentrate placed onto your face, it neutralize free radicals on the skins and provides the skin with anti-oxidant protection as well as exfoliating effect which helps to reduces lines and wrinkles on the face.

For those who have yet to try this Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate, feel free to make your way down to any of the shops located nearby to try one now.

Hence, for those who are using or have not tried the product yet, do take note that since the product contains 10.5% of Pure Vitamin C, you will tend to feel a warm sensation on your skin as at such High Concentration, it is naturally normal to feel a warm sensation as this proves to show its worth that the skin is actually doing its job in inducing collagen slowly.

This warm sensation felt would not be long and would usually only be felt for a few seconds or at most a minute. Hence, do not be afraid of using this product on your face as it is perfectly safe to use.
Directions of Usage

This product is usually used after cleansing and application of toner which usually acts as a serum or pre-serum if there is currently no serum that you are currently applying to your face. This step is usually before moisturizing as serums are specially made to nourish your skin hence it is necessary that the serum enters your pores first to nourish your skin before moisturizing your skin which seals up pores and tightens up the skin depending on the product that is being used. The moisturizer also heals dry skin which usually fixes the epidermal top layer of your skin that allows the skin to heal and return to its natural smoothness. Hence, always take note that it is always a must for moisturizers to be used only after the application of all the serums that you have.

Midnight Recovery Concentrate 

Kiehl's have always been concentrating on products for females and this is one of the most popular products among the females, and teenagers ranging from the age of 18 and above.

 Females that have yet to try this product should head down to Kiehl's store and try it immediately as I personally use this product at night and I always wake up with a face feeling smooth and hydrated.

What makes everyone yearn for this product? 

As all of you know, everyone is very protective of their skin and they would certainly do whatever it takes to make them look as perfect, pretty or handsome as possible.

So what makes everyone especially the girls to work hard just to save sufficient money to buy this amazing product?

This Midnight recovery concentrates, not only regenerates, repairs and replenishes the skin for a smoother and healthier skin, it is 99.8% naturally derived and it is Paraben-free.

It is necessary for facial products to be naturally derived and it is recommended for all skin types especially for those with sensitive skin as no or lesser additives is added which prevents the risk of side reactions of allergic reactions that may harm your skin on the microscopic level without you realizing at all.

Paraben-free which means that no preservatives is added to increase the shell-life of the product which allows better protection from harmful preservatives that may harm the skin and cause allergic reactions especially for people with sensitive skin.

Thus it is necessary to always check for such labeling when purchasing facial products. Thus, I would always recommend Kiehl's product for its usage of natural ingredients.

What's super attractive about this product it works with the natural nocturnal activity during your sleep which is the period of time when the skin is at its optimum condition for repairing itself from daily aggression. This increases the speed of recovery of the skin when Midnight Recovery Concentrate is applied which acts as a catalyst to speed up the restoration speed of your skin.

Directions of Usage 

As can be seen from the name, the product is usually applied before you head to bed and have a good night rest.

From my own personal experience, the midnight recovery concentrate is relatively effective and that it serves it purpose as a concentrate that aids to repair the skin when we are sleeping.

To prevent over-usage of this product, proper directions must be followed as certain products and samples do not really indicate the directions of usage hence I would personally guide you through a step by step walk-through on how to use this product properly.

Since the product is very effective, only 2-3 drops of the midnight recovery is required to be applied to your face.

It is recommended that it is accompanied with the usage of Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate before the application of Midnight Recovery for optimal anti-aging and amazing health skin benefits.

Pre-Application of Serums 

Always ensure that your face is properly cleansed with a suitable cleanser. I personally recommend that you should head down to one of Kiehl's store to have a proper examination which takes less than 5 minutes to carry out.

The Professionals are better equipped in determining your skin's status and suitability to choose the right cleanser for your face. A simple oil test by using two different blotter strip will be used to check the levels of oils present on both your face and cheek.

Thus, make your way down now to any Kiehl's store available near you and use a suitable cleanser for your face before proceeding on with further treatments using serums.

After cleansing your skin, it is necessary to apply a toner using a cotton pad. This is a step that people must not miss as this removes the excess dirt that remains on your face after cleansing and also tones up your skin by removing white heads and increases the radiance of your pores.

Toners such as Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol-Free Toner is a very popular product in Kiehls and should be tested out at Kiehl's store by my readers. Since toner is an important step in protecting your face, take some time off to let the professionals at Kiehl's Shop to recommend you a suitable toner for your usage.

Application of 2-3 drops of Midnight Recovery Concentrate 

After cleansing and toning your face, its time to move on to the application of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. However, it is better to apply the Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate to maximize the anti-aging effects of the products.

Apply 2-3 drops of Midnight Recovery Concentrate on your Palm.

After application of 2-3 drops of Midnight Recovery Concentrate 

 Immediately move on to the next step as based on my personal encounter, the concentrate has a relatively high absorptivity when applied onto your skin. Thus to prevent unnecessary wastage of the serum, move on to the next step immediately.

Clap both of your hands gently together

Ensure that the concentrate is evenly distributed on your hands.

Pat the Midnight Recovery Concentrate gently over your face

Pat the concentrate over your face gently with your hands but always make sure that the eye area is avoided as it is always recommended that whatever facial products other than the eye serum and eye care products should be applied only on the whole face other than the area around your eyes as oil clogs would form around your eyes are hard and difficult to remove if wrong products are used around that area. It would take a whole lot of money and effort to remove them which is not recommended at all.

Thus, to finish up the process, use your palm to spread around the "Dryer regions" of your face by patting on your face lightly.


But don't be eager to stop here as there's one more step that is very important.

Since a toner was used in the earlier steps, it is necessary to replenish the skin's moisture due to the fact that certain moisture would be lost due to the increase usage of water to aid in the repairing of the skin overnight.

Thus, a good moisturizer should be used.

I would personally recommend Oil-Free moisturizer as you need not worry about oil clogs and it is safe to use on all skin types.

Kiehl's Company has a product that I personally recommend which is the Facial Fuel No-Shine Hydrator

This is one of the best recommended moisturizer that provides sufficient moisture without leaving a oily sensation on your skin after usage.

Facial Fuel No Shine Hydrator

What I personally like about this product is that it controls oil, shine and sweat 24/7 which leaves my skin feeling hydrated and keeps it healthy throughout the day by providing oil free hydration.

It is a light-weight moisture gel that has active ingredient that reduces shine by using a blend of Zinc, Sodium and Magnesium to reduce the appearance of facial oils.

This unique formula is able to absorb oil a thousand times their weight in sweat.

Most importantly, it is non-greasy and can be applied anytime throughout the day.

Direction of Usage

Preferably, in the morning after carrying out the whole list of steps mentioned above. This excludes the midnight recovery during morning usage. 

For sensitive skin, It is recommended that a Sun Block should be used after the moisturizing step is completed.

I Recommend you to use the popular sun block for your skin SPF 50 PA+++ Ultra Light Daily Defense by Kiehl's. 

Ultra Light Daily UV Defense 

This is one of the most popular Kiehl's products that Females usually can't take their eyes off.

Most ladies would usually like to keep their skin as fair as possible and some of them would like their skins to be protected especially whenever they are very active in outdoor sports in the beach.

Thus, this product is perfectly created for such purposes. It is a light-weight formula that provides a broad-spectrum protection against 90% skin aging.

Direction of Usage

Usually used in the morning as the very last step of application of nourishment facial products to your skin to protect your face from UV rays in the morning.

A summary is placed below and please do read the Important Section of this post.




Alwaysconsult specialist on proper directions of the usage of any facial products asimproper usage of certain products might cause certain adverse effects if notused properly. Wrong proportions of excessive usage of certain products mayadversely harm the skin instead of nourishing, helping or protecting the skin.

Therefore,to test whether the product is suitable for your skin, please ensure that theproduct is tested on your elbow first. If redness is observed, please wash itoff thoroughly with running water and do not attempt to try the product on yourface as the skins on our hands are usually filled with large amount of collagenand the skin at that portion is usually protected thoroughly. If a reaction isobserved, it means that it is not suitable for your skin.

However,Products that are naturally derived are usually safe for usage. Thus, Kiehl'sproduct is recommended for all sensitive skin and all skin types which is what makesit one of the best facial product companies in the markets now.

Lastly,I'm here to provide information based on what I personally feel and followingthe procedures is based on your own accord and I bare no responsibility inanything that happens as I've tried it personally on my face and personallynothing happens as I've based my post on the stuff I've been hearing along theway when I've been working in Kiehl's itself.