Friends of Kiehl's Event

Friend's of Kiehl's Event
Today, Kiehl's organize an event to treat the top spenders under the Friends of Kiehl's loyalty programme whereby a minimum of $120 entitles you to join this loyalty programme. However, the top spenders are chosen based on their ranking of expenses at Kiehl's Stores

Thus, Kiehl's treated them to an awesome drama titled "Swimming with Sharks" performed by Adrian Pang (A boss from Hell movie producer), Janice Koh (sexy & ambitious film maker), Georgy Young (fish-out-of-water wannabe screenwriter). 

They all have a secret agenda that is unknown and it's only a matter of life and death when they are in a shark infested water of showbiz and someone is on the move of killing.

This drama is based on the acclaimed Kevin Spacey movie of the same name, Pangdemonium that is directed by Tracie Pang.

Our 1st Half of the Set-Up
William Tan's Creation & Sense of Achievement
William tried his very best to lay out these beautiful flowers into a glass pot to enhance and beautify the entire set-up.
Our enthusiastic and precise arrangements of items
We went through lots of trouble packing samples into the sample pockets and ensuring that the set-up is properly arranged to attain the "Perfect Set-Up."

The resulting efforts and hard work paid of as our set-up was indeed very neat and presentable. 

Our 2nd Half of the Set-Up
If you all weren't there you missed the chance to see my live as a bartender but here's a sneak peak of my job as a Bartender.
Kiehl's Boy's at the Mini-Bar
We are the Kiehl's Boys that helped out at the event if you didn't manage to attend this event but fret not, as there are future events like this in the near future if you are Kiehl's loyal and one of the top spenders there so why not head down to Kiehl's and purchase their awesome products now?

Kiehl's is always generous in providing the best service to our loyal customers and the public as they are always giving out thousands of complimentary samples every year to let everyone have a chance to test their unique and yet effective products.

We are almost prepared for our Guest to arrive but here's a quick sneak preview of the reason for this unique booth at this awesome event, "Friends of Kiehl's Event."

The New Up-Coming Release of the Kiehl's Fragrance Series
Fragrance from Kyoto Japan
Fragrance by South of France
Fragrance from Uganda
Fragrance from Morocco
Kiehl's Tester Tray
Kiehl's Tester at the event
The Kiehl's Fragrance is created by picking the best mix of fragrance from different countries. L'Oréal Group had a group of specialist going to different places around the world to research on different natural species that are grown around the world to fine-pick the best of the best mix of ingredients for that not only smells nice but also represents and symbolizes that particular country of its natural environment.

What's so good about these 4 new series of products is that as all of you have known, Kiehl's has always been very cautious about the safety and suitability aspects of their products. Thus, their products are parabens and naturally derived without any added preservatives. 

However, for this special series, what's extraordinary is that the contents within the perfume only uses one-third of what you normally see in other perfumes out in the market. This means that the main ingredients are very concentrated to give you that special and unique smell that only comes out from the main ingredients that is not affected by the rest of the other ingredients inside the perfume.

Moreover, the body cleanser contains is sulphate-free and the body lotion is silicon-free which protects your body from unnecessary harm or allergic reactions that other products out in the market might have. The cost of the Body Cleanser should be around $33 and the Body Lotion should be priced at about $43.

I shall keep all of you in suspense about the release of this products but it should probably be released around early November this year. So keep your eyes and ears wide open to look out for Kiehl's latest release of its very own fragrance series of body lotion and cleanser as well as their very own perfume.

So do not contemplate and buy any other products now. Wait for Kiehl's release of the product in one months time and enjoy the "Ultimate Aroma Fragrance" experience

Kiehl's Group Photo
With this whole event ending successfully and fun, we can't end the day without taking a group photo of ourselves. Thus, we took one picture to mark the end of the day and to keep this memories as part of our keep-sake.  

I'll always enjoy the moments having Kiehl's as part of my second home and family.