Kiehl's Dr Vitamin C Event

Dr Vitamin C Event
We went to Kiehl's office today and we went to give out Orange Muffins and played some games with the different companies within the same office as it was a day not to only advertise and promote the products that Kiehl's is currently selling but is also to commemorate

The release of the "Jumbo Size" Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate"

winners of the games would be given travel packs of some of Kiehl's famous products. The game is simply very easy which was played at all stores during that period of time. The player is only required to identify the words that signifies the true effectiveness of the "Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate" that has 10.5% worth of Vitamin C which is very nourishing for the skin.

There are
five benefits which includes Anti Oxidants protection, Prevents Aging, Neutralizes Free Radicals as well as giving the skin its Radiance.

we went down to Nuffnang as well as Tang's office to give out samples as well as goodies such as muffins and played games with the people there.

We certainly enjoyed the event and hopefully more people will
be more aware of Kiehl's product now.

At that point of time it was only my second time working for Kiehl's and I apparently like the generosity of Kiehl's as well as the job scope in the sense that I'm able to socialize more and boost my confidence in mixing around with people that I've never met before. 

I also made new friends along the way as a Kiehl's Boy, which excites me in working for Kiehl's in the near future for more of such events.

This is one of the sample below that was given out to the people in various Offices such as Tang and Nuffnang's Office to promote the latest release of its "Jumbo Size" Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate.

Powerful-Strength Line Reducing Concentrate
"Taken from previous post"
As most of the people who are close to me realize that I'm a very vain and metro-sexual boy that always places all his focus on his face and have half his life staring at himself at the mirror for the past 19 years of my life. Thus, I've personally tried quite a number of Kiehl's product and this is one of my all time favourites, Powerful-Strength Line Reducing concentrate.

This special Concentrate has 10.5% of Pure Vitamin C that is rarely seen in the market as at such a high concentration, It is difficult to control its stability in terms of the chemistry of Vitamin C itself which is complex and hard to maintain its complex structure. This product is widely famous for its intensive capabilities of enabling and inducing collagen production which not only increases the skin's radiance but also induces anti-ageing properties to allow yourself to look as young and beautiful despite your ageing years.

As you all know Vitamin C is something we consume every single day in fruits especially Oranges, Kiwi & Guava and certain common food that we usually eat such as Red or Green Sweet Pepper. Thus, with this powerful concentrate placed onto your face, it neutralize free radicals on the skins and provides the skin with anti-oxidant protection as well as exfoliating effect which helps to reduces lines and wrinkles on the face.

For those who have yet to try this Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate, feel free to make your way down to any of the shops located nearby to try one now.

Hence, for those who are using or have not tried the product yet, do take note that since the product contains 10.5% of Pure Vitamin C, you will tend to feel a warm sensation on your skin as at such High Concentration, it is naturally normal to feel a warm sensation as this proves to show its worth that the skin is actually doing its job in inducing collagen slowly.

This warm sensation felt would not be long and would usually only be felt for a few seconds or at most a minute. Hence, do not be afraid of using this product on your face as it is perfectly safe to use.

Directions of Usage

This product is usually used after cleansing and application of toner which usually acts as a serum or pre-serum if there is currently no serum that you are currently applying to your face. This step is usually before moisturizing as serums are specially made to nourish your skin hence it is necessary that the serum enters your pores first to nourish your skin before moisturizing your skin which seals up pores and tightens up the skin depending on the product that is being used. The moisturizer also heals dry skin which usually fixes the epidermal top layer of your skin that allows the skin to heal and return to its natural smoothness. Hence, always take note that it is always a must for moisturizers to be used only after the application of all the serums that you have.

Vitamin C Promotion at Tampines Mall
From the left Zi Yang, Me & Dillon
We were working at Tampines Mall to give out samples and ask for profile cards to promote the awareness of the products that Kiehl's are giving out.

We gave out many samples and managed to request for the people shopping at Tampines Mall to fill in a profile card which we managed to collect a total of 200 cards within these two days to allow Kiehl's to update them about the latest promotions via e-mail.

I look forward in working for such events once again and hopefully I would be able to be more equipped to know the different products well enough to allow myself to be able to answer any questions about the products that Kiehl's is currently offering.