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The "European Film Festival Online Contest"
Won a pair of tickets with FinnAir to anywhere in Europe
(By Today Singapore in 2012)

Wondering through the past of the places I've never been,
While thinking of the places I hope to be in,
With my mom whom I always want to pamper with,
Hoping to catch a glimpse of the Eiffel tower in Paris,
Wishing it might clear the heart of her desire.

National School Games
Won A Pair of A-Jays Five Earphone

Badminton games is as nostalgic as it can be,
As it's my favorite sport since I was a kid,
The sport that I'm always keen in,
But never had good training to begin with.
I still find joy in enjoying the sport as it is,
While keeping me fit which is what I need,

Growing up playing alongside my mom ,
Sweating it out as we both had fun,
Playing all day long till its late at night,
Ending it off as we had a great time.

Our thirst for fluids grew with time,
That's when we knew it's time to stop for the night,
To take a cold drink along with a quick bite.
But all this is just the fragments of my life.

As I see the determination of this duo team,
Which reminded me of how special it can be,
To fight for our desired dreams,
And the goals that we would like to meet,
Made me wonder how foolish I had always been.

Regrets are what I could only live with,
But I'll pin my hope on this youthful team,
To be able to aim high as they could ever be,
To overcome any obstacle as a duo team,
And achieve their desired dreams with their own capabilities.
Fuhua Secondary's Badminton Duo is the best dream team,
My favorite athletes that I would support as they pursue their dreams.

Ford's Heritage Month Facebook Giveaway
Won $50 Takashimaya Voucher

Ang Peng Siong won the 50m Freestyle Gold Medal at the US swimming Championships where he achieved the fastest time of 22.69 s for the year 1982.

As Joseph Schooling just beat his all time longest standing national record. The record was held for 33 years straight before Joseph Schooling beaten his timing by 0.22s by achieving a record of 22.47s at the 28th Sea Games held in Singapore. The current generation of strong and determined youths with great Sportsmanship has shown passion in striving for the best that they can which made me felt nostalgic on how Ang Peng asking could have done that in the early days when there wasn't much resources compared to the higher standard of living that we have currently. 

It's only through sheer determination and hard work that he was able to achieve that in the olden days. That brings us to the fact that nothing is impossible as long as we strive to achieve for our goals. It's simply amazing as Singapore has made great advancements in Sports in bringing out those strong determination that boils within our Youthful Souls.

Ngee Ann Adelaide Education Centre
NAAHeadsUp Contest
Won An Instax Mini 8 Camera

As cool as it can be,
Global Learning Opportunity is everyone's dream,
Roaming the world to have a learning spree,
Fulfilling our desires and dreams,

Exchange Program would be such a fun trip,
As we would experience stuff that we've never been able to reach,
There will be so much that the people there could teach,
With different cultures and lifestyle waiting to be seen.

We'll definitely be in for a treat, 
For Being able to live differently,
In those places that we've never been,
Would be such a fun opportunity.

Living in the shoes of someone you've never seen,
While being able to look at our worlds perspective in a different scene,
Though nothing is as easy as it seems,
I would love to be able to be part of that team,
To explore the world towards my dreams,
Learning more then I ever thought I could reach,
Being someone better then I ever believe I could be.
Marigold HL Milk - Milk Moustache Contest
Won Consolation Prize Which Consists of $50 FairPrice Voucher & $30 Marigold Hamper

Domino Pizza's "Golden Moment" Instagram Contest
Won $500 Cash Shopping Spree & $200 Worth of Pizzas with 705 Likes

My Grandma whom I spend time with,
Day in and out whenever I'm free,
Sitting down as we have a cold drink ,
Watching shows that I've never seen.
Milk is what she really needs,
To keep her bones as healthy as it can be,
HL Milk will be the drink we'll always drink,
As it's the best milk we'll ever drink.

Alcatel Onetouch Flash Facebook Contest
The Influencer Network
Won An Alcatel Onetouch Flash

Selfies aren't hard with a camera at such,
With functions that beautifies with a touch,
Batteries that last throughout the night,
Never will it lose out to other phones without a fight,
Who could resist the reliability at sight,
With extended warranties that exceed the normal given sides,
So Alcatel Onetouch Flash is the hype,
I would love to have one right at my side

My golden moment in my life is where food resides,
Where my stomach is filled,
And my heartdesires are met,
What more can I ever ask other then to spend my time at Domino's Singapore,
With a group of Amazing Friends.

William Tan's "2D1N Staycation @ Park Regis"
Won a 2D1N Staycation @ Park Regis

Staycation with friends,
It's what we do best,
To catch up and rant our nonsensical mess,
We're all busy and stretched,
With schedules that never match
So it's been a long time since we've met,
As we have troubles to fend,
So I would love us to mend,
The bonds that we've bend,
Due to commitments that cannot be plan.
So a hotel is all we need,
To let us succeed,
To gather together,
And keep those bonds forever,
But among the hotels I've seen,
Park Regis is the one I've never been,
So it would be great to have great memories there,
As Park Regis would be a great place to be

Logitech Singapore's 2015 Facebook Mother's Day Give Away
Won a Logitech M545 Wireless Mouse (Blue Colour)

Indeed in need of a mouse,

To scroll the images of our past.
To fill the gaps since the day we've met,
As my memories are all buried in the sand.

Reconciliation of the past to me is all like rust,
As my memories are all scattered like dust,
I was too young like I was beneath a mask,
Not knowing those memories that went past so fast.

So Mom, you're the best I've ever known,
As you've took care of me as I've grown,
So I'll like to make a wish within this week,
To win this mouse so I'll be able to make a click,
To watch those photos within our reach ,
Without having to move an inch,
As it is as wireless as it can be,
Logitech mouse is the thing I need,
To navigate through those photos as precise as it can be.

Won a 2D1N Deluxe Room Staycation & 1 Pair of Tickets To Valentina Lisitsa Worth $168 Each

Classical musician in action, 
Multi-talented to perfection, 
Millions of views and hundreds of thousands of subscribers, 
Admiring her simplicity as a musician, 

Music has always been her dedication, 
As she shows great devotion and passion to her creation, 
Her talents are such an attraction, 
Which is why I would love my aunt to be an addition, 
To listen to all her amazing creation. 

Classical music has been my Aunt's favorite, 
So it would be great for her to see such a talent, 
Because Valentina Lisitsa is a legend, 
As She's done Orchestral repertoire of over 40 concertos, 
That make me feel that it would be simply pleasant. 

She's always there for me like a parent,
 Accepting me with wide arms like a mother, 
I would love her to also feel that special, 
By attending such an amazing concert, 
As my loving aunt is someone whom I would love to pamper with.

Won a Jabra Bluetooth Headset

Music of a definite sound,
Ruined by dropping rain,
Sweat of infinite runs,
Ruining my awesome headset,
Fret not as there's the resistance to those limitations,
Who need wires and fears when we can have Jabra,
Now I can finally do my marathons, runs and workout
Without wires hindering my mobility or spoiling my sports headset

The "European Film Festival Online Contest"
My Mom's Submission
(By Today Singapore in 2013)

A dream to seek in this distant trip,
To sneak a peep from Rome's highest peak,
To make this trip a pleasant leap,
Away from the old near boring trips,
Bonding with my son in this family trip,
By taking photos that we'll always keep

The "European Film Festival Online Contest"
My Own Submission
(By Today Singapore in 2013)

To roam in Rome in a place I've never known, 
To find myself in a maze undisclosed, 
But all I need is to grasp that hope & be able to capture the fleeting shots,
Scouring foreign lands, with familiar hearts to foster bonds with my forever loving mom      

Competition for Vinyl Gunnar

A pair of glasses to trigger my thoughts,
A pair of reflections to guide me through my day,
A stare of sight to keep my eyes wide open,
To dare my heart to make that shot taken,
The FPS that beats my heart to shaken,
The Vinyl Gunnars that peaks my mark to sharpen,
The Onyx that rakes my heart to make them over beaten, 
Is what makes every player’s soul frozen.

TrendMicro Contest

Yolks of the eggs,
Bounded by parts of the whites,
Protecting the souls from the bite,
To make them as happy as they’re bright,
Layers of protection which increase their might,
Leave no fear for us that are protected from the ride,
The ride of obstacles that make us in a plight,
As the white keeps us from all those nonsensical crime.
Just as strong as TrendMicro can be,
That’s all they are made to be

Enewsworld Contest

KPOP the art of music,
The heart of my soul,
With the shimmering language,
And the voices of wonderful singers,
Ticks my heart to the beat of my fingers,
Seeking the soothing music at the peak of ringers,
Make me feel that music is all that lingers,
I always felt that languages were a barrier,
But their voices and lyrics kept me from that barrier,
The understanding of the lyrics are never that merrier,
As the true meaning of the songs lies within that singer,
As their expressions is always that rarer,
Is what makes my heart shine like never,
I hope that KPOP spreads their songs forever,
As it is what makes listening to music special.

Razer Malaysia Contest

The ultimate mechanics that breaks the edge of all games,
The accelerated response speed that peaks the tip of all plains,
The mechanical feel that indulges me into my game,
There is nothing better than my very honest claim,
The shimmering lights that shines into my eye's plain,
Lighting up my room with no restrain,
Giving me the confidences to fight like there are no constraints,
Leaving the path with a trail of bloodstains.

The Daily Routes that I always travel on.

The buses that seems to be an ordinary scene,
Makes my heart beat like an excited shrink,
Enjoying the breeze in the cold comfy trip,
To make life seem like a plain old ring,
We live our life through the places we've been,
Hoping that our routes will never be cleaned,
We love our routes the way we want it to be,
Thinking that life is just simple as it is,
But who cares about that as our memories are what keeps us going,
The act of going through this journey brings us smiles that never disappears.
Enjoying each and every corner of Singapore’s scene is what makes us tear,
The memories and places of our lives that we never want to lose.
That’s what’s so special about Singapore,
Our home, Our life as well as our heart where our love blossoms.

Singtel Photo Contest

Grandmother's 80th Birthday

The Heart that melts the world of love,
The bonds that ties us all as dove,
To tone that dice of shimmering trove,
It’s what makes our heart, tremble fast as ever,
The mom that gave all her life for us,
It’s what makes us all give back more than ever,
She’s my grandma and a mother to my mother,
Who led four daughters and one son to this world of treasure.
She brought them up with no fear of the war,
The war that killed many in Singapore,
It’s all thanks to her that we are all here,
Celebrating her 80th Birthday in June,
Without her great sacrifices none of us will be alive today.

Grandmother's smile on her 80th Birthday

Grandma that never failed to give, 
It’s her smile that makes me breathe,
She’s been giving with all her heart,
I hope she’ll live as long ever

The elderly that taught us how to bond with many, 
Created this event to made us happy,
To allow us to remember this feeling,
To allow us to remember this feeling of being a family
It’s what make us all happy 

My Aunty, my 2nd Mom with the heart of gold

The God Mom that gave me the heart to smile,
The one that tide us through that mile,
She brought us up with that style,
Caring for us like a mom

My Grandmother with her cheery look as always

Grandma that never failed to give,
It’s her smile that makes me breathe,
She’s been giving with all her heart,
I hope she’ll live as long ever

Grandmother chatting with my uncle before we sang her a birthday song

The mom that gave all her life for us, 
She’s my grandma and a mom to my mother,
Who led four daughters and one son to this world of treasure

Toy Watch Contest

Pink as it is the colour of my mom's heart,

The colour that brings a smile on her face
The watch that speaks a thousand words,
Coloured by the velvety pastel that shimmers uniquely,
Ticking with every heart beat that coincides with the user.
Bringing about this special poem that defines its true worth.
The watch of desires,

Brings about the sought for happiness,
With every tick comes a happy soul,
With every look brings about a thankful role,
The role that keeps track of time,
Just like the idol of my mom's heart.
Her desires are never within her grasp,
Thinking of the watch that she thought she could never have,
While hoping of the chance that she might get it,
Hoping I could touch the hearts of the judges,
Wishing it might clear the heart of her desires,
I hope with this watch that encases itself in pink,
I could pamper her with the sincerity of my heart.
Is what everyone desires with its simple but special design

William Tan's Horror Contest

With shimmering lights dimmed in the pitched dark night,
Leaving the skies filled with darkness under this poor visual sight,
What's left of us are unanticipated horrors that awaits us in this unforgettable night,
With chills that shivers up my very own legs,
Sends thrills that excites the very tip of my very own rage,
With sudden scares and excitement that awaits us,
What's more exciting than bringing that special someone along with me,
To enjoy this awesome night of unforeseeable shocks that bonds that special someone together.

William Tan's Horror Contest (Mom's)

With the blood of tears,

And the claws of fears,
Brings about the screams from the tears,
All locked within the four walls of that seers,
Making everyone fall on their kneels,
The event that can scare you to bail,
Why wouldn't I want to be part of that deal?

William Tan's Horror Contest (Brother's)

The deep screams that can be heard through the doorway,

Sends chills down through my airway,
With a sudden scare,
Bewilders about a hundred pair,
Why not make myself a dare,
And get down to that fair,
And make myself scared.

William Tan's Kiehl's Oil-Free Travel Kit Contest

Face gets dirty after a whole day trip,
Cleanser is just what we all need,

It is not just a daily need,
But it's something that can keep us clean,
Not all cleansers make that right fit,
Have you tried Kiehl's special oil free kit!

Samsung Air Gesture Contest Entry 1

Air Gesture is the leisure that matters,

With a swipe of our hands,
Comes the click of a pen,
Keeping my daily needs in control within the air

Samsung Air Gesture Contest Entry 2

Calls and Sms in the grasp of a swipe,

Hygiene level at the tip top height,
With no need of any wipes,
To clean your phone every single time.

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