Chengdu Pambassadors 2012

Chengdu Pambassador 2012
Remember those days back then when were young? When we were always so fond of cute little panda toys and all we knew about them back then were that they were animals that eat bamboos for a living. However, we never got a chance to personally get to see one until this particular special year where we commemorate the collaboration with Chengdu Panda Base in China with a 10-year loan from China to mark the two decades of strong ties and relationship between China & Singapore.

We were never aware of the need to protect pandas not until the day when Kai Kai formally Wu Jie , and Jia Jia formally Hu Bao arrived in Singapore at around 8.20 am after a four and a half hours of flight from China via Singapore Airlines Boeing 747 cargo freighter on Thursday, September 6, 2012

They were well fed with about 90 kg of bamboos on board the freighter and their accommodation was closely optimized by ensuring the temperature was between 18-26 degree celsius which was the native temperature they experienced in Sichuan, China so as to prevent unwanted stress on the pandas during the journey to Singapore as it may be hard for the pandas to adapt to our hot and humid climate.

So why do we need to care for the pandas?

It is not only because of their cuteness but because of the fact that each and everyone of us must do a part to protect such endangered animals that live in the wild that are innocently killed by unintentional and intentional causes. 

Pandas are apparently dying due to loss of habitats that are caused mainly by agriculture farming, development and deforestation around the world that people are carrying out to not only obtain bamboos for manufacturing of furniture, food source and paper due to the fact that it is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. 

However, this has caused the decrease in the amount of pandas in the world to about less than 1,600 in the wild. Moreover, there are also people that are also killing pandas for their furs. Therefore resulting in the decrease in the amount of panda population around the world.

Pandas have low birth rate due to the fact that pandas only go into estrus only three to four days a year. Estrus means the period of time whereby the panda is "sexually receptive".




Chengdu Pambassador 2012 Press Conference
The Press Conference started off at 12 noon whereby Li Mingxi, Manager, Chengdu Panda Base started off with his awesome speech to kick start the press conference which was held at Amara Santuary Hotel at Sentosa Island which is near Imbiah Station.

Li Mingxi, Manager of Chengdu Panda Base
He is someone who is devoted in the management of feeding, breeding and research on nutrition for endangered species. He is someone I personally look up to him after hearing his speech and seeing him in person as he devotes himself in ensuring that species do not go extinct by going all out to participate in both domestic and overseas cooperation on panda breeding by traveling to different countries such as US, Japan and Spain.

Juliet Simms with her Speech
Cher Lloyd giving out her speech
Credits to Hpility's Blog for the photo
Juliet Simms taking a photo with Kenny Lim,
Founder of Depression
After the press conference, we had some refreshments before heading down to take some photos with the contestants of the Pambassadors that came from about 25 different countries to share the awareness of long term, sustainable development plants to increase the panda population.

We arrived at the maze just next to Fullerton Hotel that was placed there not only for the contestants to participate to gain points for their competition but also to spread awareness to people in Singapore which is open to the public 12th October 2012 to 19th October 12 from 11am to 9pm.

The maze was contested by the Pambassadors today on the Saturday, 13th October 2012.

The maze lies different questions that are pasted out on the walls of the maze to guide the contestants as well as the public through the maze. A wrong answer will lead you to a dead end.

Why not head down to try it yourself and see how much knowledge do you have about pandas!

Panda Maze 2012
Below are some photos that were taken at the event:
Panda Mascots Waving
Panda Mascots Waving
Lovable Pandas Kissing Together

Two Cute Pandas With Hong Peng
Pambassadors with the cute Panda Mascots

Few Questions For Juliet Simms Before she heads out to try the maze
Juliet Simms attempting to answer the questions at the Maze
Juliet Simms finishing the maze in 1 min 30 seconds
Honored to be able to take a picture with Juliet Simms
Took a Picture with a unique bench before leaving the event 

The event lasted for awhile and we mingled with the Pambassadors and interviewed them and all of them came for the purpose to not only win the cash prize but most importantly to spread the awareness of panda's decreasing population and the need to protect such endangered species.

Even Juliet Simms tried out the maze and rushed through it with a fast timing of 1 min 30 seconds with only a few questions answered wrongly that she even shyly mentioned after completing the maze that she learned through her mistakes and learn several facts that she could not answer correctly which led to her being more well-equipped with the knowledge on the pandas' habitat, sources of food, and the reasons why bamboo leaves are good for panda as relatively high proteins are found in them.

These are knowledge that are learned through making mistakes which is a relatively good way to raise awareness to people. Therefore, why not head down to the maze and try it out?

Through these events, we were able to understand pandas more thus, to commemorate this event and raise even a bigger awareness so that people can take part in spreading the word to save the pandas.

A night out event to raise awareness to "Save the Pandas" by supporting the Panda Movement was created. 

Black & White Movement

 "The Panda Rock Out Concert"
Venue: Wave House Sentosa
Date: 13th October 2012 
Time: 7pm

Juliet Simms
Cher Lloyd
DJ Enferno
DJ Daniel Yeo

Featuring Designers:


I sincerely hope that the event was a bomb as I was not able to make it for the concert. But from what I heard, the queue started since morning. Thus, the event should a blast with amazing rock music and nice voices performed by Cher Lloyd and Juliet Simms and deejayed by DJ Enferno and DJ Daniel Yeo.



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