Tim Ho Wan Best Dim Sum in Singapore at Plaza Singapura - Originated From Hong Kong (Chef Mak's Restaurant)

Tim Ho Wan
Authentic Hong Kong Style Dim Sum
Located at Plaza Singapura New Wing
Popular Dim Sum Restaurant
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Chef Mak Kwai Pui
(50 Years Old)
Born & Raised in Hong Kong

In the past ten years, he has worked for renowned hotels such as Le Meridian, Four Seasons. During this time, he expanded his knowledge of the traditional Cantonese dim sum and eventually went on to set up his first restaurant, Tim Ho Wan, in Mong Kok.

Within a year, his restaurant was awarded one Michelin star for its array of dim sum. The success of Tim Ho Wan led the chef to open three more outlets to North Point, IFC Mall and Sham Shui Po. The original outlet in Mongkok has been relocated to Olympian City.

2013 is an exciting year for the chef as he is taking his famed dimsum overseas for the first time which is none other than the outlet located at The Atrium@Orchard, Plaza Singapura which now flourishes with a large group of crowd queuing everyday just to try this authentic Hong Kong delicacy

Tim Ho Wan's Dim Sum Menu
Big 4 Heavenly King
(From Left, Pork Bun, Vermicelli Roll with Pig's Liver, Pan Fried Carrot Cake & Steamed Egg Cake)
Tim Ho Wan's Waiter
Delivering 24 Pork Bun to our Dining Room
Amazing Array of Pork Buns
Pork Bun's Interior

The amazing Baked bun with BBQ Pork taste amazingly good and its one of Tim Ho Wan's signature bun that most of the people are eyeing to get their bite on one of this crumbly and fluffy exterior that with a bite, oozes a sweet-salty taste sauce along with the amazingly barbecued pork. 

This pork bun is simply irresistible and you just can't stop yourself from the temptation of having a second and third round. It's my favorite dish out of all the dim sums as it is seriously my first time trying such a unique crispy yet soft and tasty bun.

This Baked Bun with BBQ Pork is price at $4.50 per 3 pieces.

Cheers to the Tim Ho Wan's Pork Bun
Our Love for the Buns are simply Unexplainable !!

You must try it to know how extremely awesome it taste!
Steamed Egg Cake

The steamed egg is not only spongy but also light and soft with a nice caramelized taste accompanied with every savory bite of the cake.

The Steamed Egg Cake is price at $3.80 per Bamboo Basket.

Pan Fried Carrot Cake

My mom would simply love this carrot cake as it was a delicacy my mom and I use to buy from those short houses near my house. This is simply rich in carrot and soft and rich in radish bits that give the carrot cake an extra oomph.

This Pan fried Carrot Cake is price at $4.50 per 3 pieces.

Vermicelli Roll with Pig's Liver

The dish also known to some of us as "Chee Cheong Fun" which is a Cantonese dish from Hong Kong & China. 

A Fusion of Pig's Liver into the Chee Cheong Fun makes it simply uncommon and at the same time unique that I personally feel was simply just awesome. 

Packed with fresh pig's liver that gives it a natural wild taste to the dish that is packed under the smooth texture of the Vermicelli Roll.

The Vermicelli Roll with Pig's Liver is price at $5.50 per plate.

Different Flavors of Vermicelli Roll

Vermicelli Roll with Beef
Vermicelli Roll with Shrimp
Vermicelli Roll with BBQ Pork
Vermicelli Roll with Pig's Liver
Vegetarian Black Pepper Vermicelli Roll

All of the Vermicelli rolls are equally tasty that are filled with different ingredients to cater to different preferences and taste buds. 

The ingredients found in different Vermicelli Rolls are as followed: tender beef, succulent shrimp, tasty BBQ pork, fresh pig's liver and vegetables. This makes the Vermicelli Roll tastier rather than just eating rice vermicelli with sauce itself.

You must head down to try the different Vermicelli prepared at Tim Ho Wan to know how each ingredient makes a different to the overall taste of the Vermicelli Roll.

All the Vermicelli Roll are price at $5.50 per Plate.

Vermicelli Roll with BBQ Pork
Spring Roll with Egg White

A crispy exterior enclosing a generous amount of egg white that is unique and special which makes it authentic and special to Tim Ho Wan itself as this is the first place that I ever tried something so special. The interior taste similar to the feeling of eating lobster salad. Simply heavenly and awesome.

The Spring Roll with Egg White is price at $4.20 for 3 pieces.

Beancurd Skin Roll with Shrimp

The Fried Beancurd skin is filled with fresh prawns that are simply so fresh that you just can't stop feeling the crunchiness with every bite of the bean curd.

This Beancurd Skin Roll is price at $5.50 per 3 pieces.

Steamed Chicken Feet with Black Bean Sauce

Steamed Chicken Feet which is one of my personal favorite is something I felt that was superbly awesome as the meat is so tender which is flavored at an optimal sweetness.

The Steamed Chicken Feet with Black Bean Sauce is price at $4.00 per bamboo basket.

Glutinous Rice Dumpling

For all rice and dumpling lovers, this is something you must try as this dumpling is different from what u get outside, it is not only rich with flavors but it is also accompanied with tender meat that spices up the dish mixed and wrapped within a sticky sweet glutinous rice cover.

The Glutinous Rice Dumpling dish is price at $5.00 per piece.

Pork Dumpling with Shrimp
(Also Known as Siew Mai)

This Siew Mai is filled with a generous amount of succulent prawns that are simply crunchy and mouth-watering. Just by the looks of it makes you feel so nostalgic as it is exactly what we used to eat when we were younger in the school's canteens but those Siew Mai sold outside are nothing compared to this freshly steamed Pork Dumpling with Shrimp made by Tim Ho Wan

The Pork Dumpling with Shrimp is price at $5.00 per 4 pieces.

Pork Rib With Black Bean Sauce

The tender pork ribs that are not only easy to eat due to the softness as a result of cooking it under a optimal duration of time but it's also fresh and simply delectable.

The Pork Rice With Black Bean Sauce is price at $4.20 per bamboo basket

Rice with Chicken, Sausage & Mushroom

A portion that suffices for a dim sum meal which is not that heavy at all is this dish that brings out the fragrance of the chicken accompanied with the sweet Chinese sausage and mushroom. The chicken is so tender that it is simply juicy and delightful.

The Rice with Chicken, Sausage & Mushroom is price at $6.00 per metal bowl.

Steamed Beancurd Skin Roll with Pork & Shrimp

The juicy bean curd skin that is soaked in the sweet sauce gives u a melting yet sweet sensation upon giving it a bite. The succulent and delicious pork makes it even more irresistibly scrumptious.

The Steamed Beancurd Skin Roll with Pork & Shrimp is price at $4.00 per 3 pieces.

Beef Ball with Beancurd Skin

As all of you might have tried the Ikea's famous beef ball, this can be a great competitor despite it being a Chinese Dish instead of the Swedish meatballs that Ikea sells. It is simply soft and filled with goodness. The beancurd gives it a sweet after taste to the meatballs that it simply so delicious.

The Beef Ball with Beancurd Skin is price at $4.20 for 3 pieces.

Garlic, Mushrooom, Spinach Dumpling

The translucent skin filled with a generous amount of spinach is one of my favorite dumplings that I usually eat when I chanced upon a nice dumpling store. 

But I have to say that this dumpling is simply amazing, the skin is very bouncy and not fragile at all. It is wrapped so well with the optimal thickness that keeps everything intact. Even the taste is kept within the entire dumpling skin. A thumbs up for this amazing dish.

The Garlic, Mushroom, Spinach Dumpling is price at $3.80 per 3 pieces.

Famous Tonic Medlar & Osmanthus Cake

This Osmanthus Dessert is sweet and filled with a load of ingredients packed within a small cube. It's sweet and something similar to drinking the osmanthus tea but in a light and savory manner. 

This dessert I would personally give a 10/10 rating as it is something unique and special that I've never tried before too. It gives off a sweet fragrance and with every bite you are able to taste each and every ingredient within the dessert cube.

The Tonic Medlar & Osmanthus Cake (Cold) is price at $3.50 for 3 pieces.

A Group Photo at Tim Ho Wan
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