Fuzzie Mobile Application - Gift Cards With Instant Cashback, Which Saves You Approx. $54 When You Purchase A Total of $300 worth of Zalora gift card! There's also a free $10 Activation Code (Valid For The First 100 New-Users Only)

Gift Cards With Instant Cashback
Save Thousands on Your Everyday Spend

Fuzzie Mobile Application
Over 100 Awesome Brands To Choose From
Personal Favorite: Ezbuy, Zalora, Chocolate Origin & Standing Sushi Bar
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0. Purchase A Physical Copy of the Gift Card On Their Official Website Here
$30$50 & $100 Fuzzie Gift Cards Are Available For Purchase!
Choose between these 2 different colors
Deep Blue or Fuzzie Red
And Personalise Your Gift With A Special Message

The Envelope is made from Premium RJ Maple Bright and is completed with dashes of sparkling gold foil to captivate the eyes.

1. Download the Fuzzie App by clicking on the tabs above!
2. Click on the Fuzzie App after your download has completed!
2. For the ease of convenience, I've placed my icon in the same folder as the brands that I frequently patronise using the gift cards that I bought from Fuzzie

3. Proceed on by pressing on the "Join Fuzzie Tab"
4. Sign yourself up either using your Facebook account or your personal e-mail address
4. Search for your favorite brand such as (e.g. "Zalora")
4. Choose the $100 gift card that earns you a cash back of $18

12% Original Cashback + 6% Power up

(Power Ups may be activated via a given code that lasts for 24 hours or may be available as an offer for a limited period of time)

Power Up Card may sometimes be given to you via SMS after you made a purchase & must be activated within 5 days to be entitled to a booster that increases your cashback by up to 2X. This can 8-digit activation code can be shared with 3 other friends!

For my fellow readers, who are first-time users who just signed up for a Fuzzie account, you are entitled to an additional $10 credit. Simply apply "51058086" in your Fuzzie Mobile Application, under the "Activate Tab", to be entitled to this promotion. This code is valid for "100 new-user redemptions" only & must be activated by 30th June 2017!

4. Make payment for the $100 gift card after entering your credit card detailsUse any outstanding Fuzzie credits that you have obtained from your previous purchase to offset your current one!

5. For example, I would like to purchase a Fossil Bag at Zalora that is also having the same 40% discount at their store. I would definitely head online to purchase it due to the amount of cash I would save online instead.

a. Before making a purchase outside, it would be wise to check online at "Zalora's Website/iPhone App/Android App" before making a rash decision to purchase the bag on the spot!

b. If the price is exactly same as the one found in the shop, proceed home to do a thorough calculation like I did to save as much money as you can. This is indeed the right way to handle such a situation to prevent any impulse purchase, especially if you're a student like me, who works part-time to cover my own personal expenses.

c. Do a breakdown like I did on google sheets, which can also be found here
d. Purchase 3 Zalora gift cards from Fuzzie Mobile Application as mentioned in the breakdown provided
e. Redeem the gift cards via the "My Giftbox Tab"
f. Copy the code from each individual card
g. Paste the "gift card code" into the text box provided in the "Zalora's My Wallet Tab" & press the "Add Credit" button.
h. Wallet Balance: $300.00, after three gift cards were applied
i. Add the item to your bag to cart out the item!
j. At the top right-hand corner of the page, apply the code "ZBAP2G5Sin the text box provided

k. After applying the code "ZBAP2G5S", you will be entitled 15% off your very first purchase!
l. Take note of the following: Your item takes about "7-9 days" to arrive!
Standard Shipping is FREE above SGD$40 & Above & SGD$4.90 will be charged for orders below SGD$40

Wallet Credits will automatically be applied on CHECKOUT
m. Payment will be verified & order will be sent out immediately once payment has been received
TADAH, we saved $54 using the Fuzzie Mobile Application & a total of $106.11 (inclusive of the 15% Zalora Discount Code).
n. Lastly, I'm left with SGD$4.71 in my wallet, which can be kept and used for future purchases in Zalora!