3838 Eating House - Seafood & Zhu Chao (Recommended Chinese Seafood Place)

3838 Eating House
Awesome Chinese Seafood/Zhu Chao
My All-Time Favourite

This has always been my favourite dish whenever I patronize any Zhu Chao store. Basically, I would always ask whether they are either using the flat yellow noodles (平蛋面) or the circular yellow noodles (圆蛋面).

Personally, I prefer the flat noodles to be used for my mee-goreng as apparently it tastes nicer based on my personal experiences over the years eating mee-goreng.

It use to be relatively cheap and nice during my primary school days near a coffee shop near my house which was relatively tasty.

However, the prices became horrendously ridiculous with the amount of noodles and ingredients they are providing whenever I purchase one portion that cost me $4.50. It used to only cost me $3.00 which can't be blamed due to the inflation that accumulates over the years.

However, this store that I patronize with my best friend, William Tan was relatively worth it especially with the abundance of ingredients that they have generously included at the price of $4.50.

Their noodles are not over-cooked and it just simply tastes so awesome with the spicy and sweet combination that reminds me of my old school days when I would always eat this dish whenever I crave for it.

The noodles are simply "QQ-licious" which means that the chef inside the kitchen is skilled enough to cook such an amazing dish at such a affordable price.

This plate of Yee-Mee cost me $4.50.

I Would Rate this Dish

This is also one of my favourite dishes though It's not something that could replace the cravings for my all time favourite dish, Mee-Goreng but it's something I would definitely order If I choose to eat something non-spicy.

Yee-mee is cooked for an optimum duration, that speaks for its amazing texture that is not too soft and yet not too hard. Which means you can just slurp it up easily and feel the "Q-Ness" of the noodle which is accompanied by a sweet and yet not so salty taste.

This plate of Yee-Mee cost $4.00.

I Would Rate this Dish


This is my first-time eating Hor-Fun that is not brown in color which makes it relatively unique from the other Hor-Fun that I've eaten over the years.

The taste is very homely, and not too much of seasoning to over-kill the unique taste of the Hor-Fun. The starchy and sweet taste is  still present but only cooked in a different style without losing its specialty that speaks for its name.

The chef behind the scenes cook this dish with bean sprouts that adds crunchiness to the noodles which is a good combination as the seasoning is seasoned just right which makes the dish not too salty and yet not too sweet at the same time.

This plate of Hor-Fun cost $5.00.

I Would Rate this Dish

Basically, this shop is located at the heartland of youths & tourist which is just around Bugis Street where is always packed with youthful teenagers and tourist.

A seafood place that is affordable for tourist and youths to patronize whenever you are out shopping with your friends or your families. It is also located in the same coffee shop as the famous duck & roasted pork rice.

Drooling while looking at the food now?

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Address of the Shop

3838 Eating Place
269 Queen Street
Singapore 180269

Contact Details

Ah Tong
+65 8418 1757