The Boxing Crab's Chilli & Pumpkin Crab @ Sentosa (Near Underwater World)

The Boxing Crab
Awesome Seafood at a Breezy Seaside Serenity View

Mother's Day is Arriving
12th May 2013

Still frustrated on the Ideal Location
To spent some quality time with your Mom?
Mother's Day Set Menu
Mouth-Watering Dishes

$328++ for 4 persons

1st to 12th May 2013

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Let's take a peek into what the menu offers & it will probably spice up your taste buds and make you drool at the amazing spread of seafood!

Deep Fried Spiny Lobster Salad

Fresh & Crunchy
Maximum Freshness with a mix of unique taste

Braised Treasure Chicken in Lotus Leaf

Crunchy water chestnut that is cooked with a mixture of treasure trove of ingredients such as chestnut, amazingly soft mushroom, red dates, carrots as well as a large amount of tender chicken.

Homemade Water Chestnut Bean Curd with Spiced Meat

Soft Bean Curd that literally melts in your mouth with a salty but yet sweet aftertaste accompanied by a generous amount of tender spiced meat. The sauce is just simply irresistible!

Stir Fried Sea Scallop and Prawn
With Asparagus

Crunchy greens that makes the dish vibrantly coloured with fresh prawns and scallops that gives the dish a light and succulent taste.

Braised Chili Crab wrapped in Lotus Leaf

Deep Fried Bun

Braised Claypot Crab with Superior Broth and Pumpkin
The crabs are simply irresistibly delicious. It's so well cook that it probably requires lots of skills to cook the crab of such calibre. With its meat as a whole that does not fall apart easily or stick to the shell of the crab, its taste is just unexplainably delightful. It gives out a strong aroma of fragrance that simply make you drool upon looking the crab itself.

The Braised Claypot Crab with Superior Broth Pumpkin is a must try as it is the restaurant's marquee dish as the crabs are soused in an umani pumpkin-based broth which apparently on my personal point of view taste like a unique blend of curry-like broth that is thick and simply sweet and special.

The moreish broth peppery and melds perfectly with the pronounced taste of the crabmeat. I believe my mom who personally loves crab would indeed love different taste of crab from a change.

It's indeed going to "Wow" all mothers!

Option to Wear a "Crabing in Progress" Apron
It's their Unique Dining Experience

To protect your Shirts & Dresses

"Crabbing in Progress's Utensils"
Well-Prepared to Tackle the Crab!
Crabby Experience
Taken with my Best Friend

Famous Blogger
William Tan

Stir Fried Vermicelli with Seafood

Cooked with the finest and freshest prawn and scallops, the vermicelli is cooked to the optimal texture, not too soft as well as not too hard. Just nice to savour the noodles with seafood to your mouth content!

Red Bean Soup with Coconut and Lotus Seed
There's no better way of ending a 7-course meal other than ending it off with the Superior Red Bean Soup with Coconut and Lotus Seed dessert that is not too sweet but sweet enough to end off the meal with a slight ending touch of the sweet aromatic taste that lingers in your
mouth as you head back home.
Is Your Family Big?
There's A Set-Menu for 6 people


Mother’s Day Set Menu
$428++ for 6 persons
1st to 12th May 2013

Charcoal Grill Sea Scallop with Lemon Grass Beurre Blanc

Steamed Cod Fillet with Olive Vegetable

Gratin King Prawn with Premium Cheese Sauce

Braised Treasure Chicken in Lotus Leaf

Braised Abalone and Black Moss with Baby Nai Bai 

Braised Claypot Crab with Superior Broth and Pumpkin

Deep Fried Bun

Stir Fried Vermicelli with Seafood 

 Red Bean Soup with Coconut and Lotus Seed


Between 1st and 12th May 2013

Free additional crab (1 kg) for every Mother's Day set menu ordered


Mother's day is not the only day for you to be rewarding your other, we should consistently take them out and bond with them as a family!

So even if you can't make it down this mother's day for this meal, you can come down anytime when you are free!

Background of The Boxing Crab

The Boxing Crab is a not only a new seafood restaurant concept by lifestyle food service company, Food Junction Holdings Limited but is also a unique restaurant that showcases an uncommon yet interesting dining experience that is worth ever bucks spent at such a idealized location along the sea.

Featuring an eclectic mix of seafood caught both locally as well as flown-in fresh from all over the globe, diners can choose to have their meals cooked in a variety of styles including Indonesian, Western, and Singaporean.

Adjacent to the Underwater World Singapore at Sentosa, The Boxing Crab offers diners a VIP room with its own private balcony. There will also be sheltered and unsheltered outdoor seating with a sea-facing view. 

Before dinner, you can take a stroll along the beach in the early evening to catch a glimpse of the sun setting behind the landscapes, where you will be mesmerized by the serenity view.

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Here's The Location of this Restaurant
Head down to the Restaurant at Sentosa Today

The Boxing Crab @ Sentosa

80 Siloso Beach,
Singapore 098969

Nearest Car Park

(Underwater World Singapore)

Business Hours

Monday to Sunday: 11.00am to 11.00pm

Make Reservations

Telephone Number: +65 62747760

How to Get There?

Take the Sentosa Express and alight at Beach Station
Take Bus No.1 or 2 anywhere in Sentosa

Like their Facebook page below!