Polaroid Polarized Sunglasses

Polaroid Polarized Sunglasses

Hey Peeps & my fellow Readers!!
I have just attended this amazing Polaroid Experience which left me leaving the event with a whole lot of knowledge that was totally new to me.

I thought I would share the whole experience with all of you too
Presenting the Polarized Sunglasses's History in the Making

Scientists were researching the phenomenon of polarization as far back as 1669 and in 1808 French military engineers and researchers in optics used a calcite rhomb to observe the principles of polarization. 

In 1929 Land invented the first synthetic light polarizer and he named it “Polaroid from “Polarizing Celluloid”. This invention was used to make the first pair of Polaroid sunglasses sold in 1935.

Edwin Herbert Land as the founding father of Polaroid who established the company from scratch has made it this far in transforming sunglasses into a whole new evolutionary change with its best known "Polaroid's Ultrasight mode" that is made with advanced Thermo-Fusion Technology.

Thanks to his great entrepreneurship as well as his supreme devotion in Science as a Scientist as well as a prolific inventor with 535 patents to his name enabled him to fuse a Polarization into sunglasses which made sunglasses the suitable partner in blocking out almost all the rays that a normal sunglasses without polarization  is able to block out.

Over the years with its track record for world-changing innovation, the Polaroid corporation today is often compared to famous companies such as Apple. Steve Jobs said he felt an affinity with Land whom he described as one of his greatest heroes.

Here are some of the Past Designs that are displayed as the Polaroid Company's Heritage.

Imagine Sunglasses were that cheap last time?
(If you do not take into account of the inflation over the years)

Why Choose Polarized Sunglasses?
Because the Lenses are Superbly good as stated below! 

What's most important is that the sunglasses are "AFFORDABLE"

Go for "QUALITY" and not "BRANDS"
Take a look at these latest Sunglasses Design

Model No: F4304B
Model No: F8302C
Model No: P4139C
Model No: P8223C
Model No: P8328A
Model No: P8342B
Model No: P8353C
Model No: A4301B
Model No: A4304A
Model No: A4309B
Model No: A8306C
Model No: A8312C
Model No: A8315B
Like any of these designs above?
Head down to any leading Major Optician's Outlet to get one!
(Should be in stores by May)

In trend currently, is the vintage designs such as the thick frames that makes it look a little "Pop-ish"

Different facial features especially the shape of your face plays a major role in finding a suitable sunglasses!
  • If your face is oval, you should suit almost all the frame shape.
  • If you face is a square shape, you'll want to choose frames that are curved.
  • If your face is round, then square, boxy frames will probably suit you.
  • If your face is triangular with a wide forehead and a pointed or narrow chin, choose thinner rims to help make your forehead appear less broad.
  • If your face is an inverted triangle, choose frames that make your forehead seem wider such as the Cat-eye frames.

I hope you all had learn something today!
Make it more than learning something but instead..

Maximize the safety from UV-Rays by switching to Polaroid's Polarize's Sunglasses today!

We love those Sunglasses too!
(Photo taken with Famous Blogger, William Tan and my best friend, Nicholas Lin)

A warm, sincere and special "Thanks" to Polaroid for inviting me to this awesome Experience!