YSL Ion Orchard 2012 Opening Event

Yves Saint Laurent Sticker for the Balloons
You all might be wondering what's so special about this ordinary sticker about this stickers' that I'm posting on this particular blog post.

This is no ordinary sticker that you see anywhere, as this is the launch of the First Yves Saint Laurent Cosmetic/Beauty boutique in Singapore.

With its SPECIAL technology that will excite all the 
Beauty Conscious People 

As you all know, we age as the years past faster and faster each year. Thus, It's necessary to upkeep and protect your youth by applying nourishing elements to your skin.

That's why through ten years of intensive research,  
L’Oréal Research was able to invent this new Glycobiology technology which is used in the new
 Youth Liberator Series of Products branded under YSL.

Which can be bought from the only outlet located at Ion Orchard Basement 2.
(Beside the MRT Station)


In these series of Youth Liberator Products, it uses Glycans which is apparently the newest technology that is found to be one of the 10 Sciences that will change the history of medicines.

Research has shown that glycans are already present in the organism at three different levels,

Which is located at places such as the

Cell's Surface
Inside the cells
Between The Cells

Glycans are apparently found naturally inside the skin which is responsible for the transmission of youth messages and signals of the cells. As we age over the years, the amount of glycans starts depleting and diminishes as we age over the years, which cause the skin to degenerate slowly as the skin's regeneration process is slowed down.

Thus, resulting in several signs that we encounter over the years such as, wrinkles, dullness in complexion as well as a loss of  tone.

Therefore, the Youth Liberator Series is created to aid in helping people to prevent such occurrence from happening so quickly by introducing this range of products for everyone to use.

Youth Liberator Series from Yves Saint Laurent

I personally recommend everyone to get one from the only boutique currently located at Basement 2 of Ion Orchard which is just one shop away from the MRT station on the left hand-side of the ticketing machine.

Because, as we all know that technology advances so quickly and that science is the root of all hope when certain stuff are just too hard to prevent such as aging.

This is INDEED something worth saving up for to try and use.

I can't comment much as I've not really used the product yet but I feel that the products are relatively useful as one of my friends apparently had showed some signs of changes after using the  
Forever Youth Liberator Eye Serum which helped him to lessen and lighten his dark eye bags.

Another product that I have tried and would personally recommend is this Men's Perfume by YSL.

Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme Cologne
Yves Saint Laurent's L'homme Orginal Cologne
I personally tried out this perfume and apparently this perfume was something that attracted me so much that even a person like me who doesn't even splurge on perfume or even bother applying one was tempted to purchase one immediately.

The smell from this perfume is so unique that it really makes you feel so manly and attractively sexy.

This smell boosts your confidence as you leave your house smelling nice and refreshing without being scared of the humidity and sweat that you might encounter due to the natural perspiration that we always undergo when we are outside in this scorching weather everyday in Singapore.

Therefore, don't hesitate readers as if you already intending to get one perfume since your current perfume is running out or you have not used one before.

Believe in my recommendation and head down to Orchard and test it out yourself. As just basing on my post to encourage you to buy is not really that useful, Thus, Actions and Reality would probably intrigue you in purchasing one.

Without further ado, I shall now tell you about what we did that day.

Victor, Me & Jonathan
Victor & Jonathan Pumping Balloons
Natural Joker, Victor gives a "Twist"
Giving out Balloons near Orchard Mrt alone myself
As you can see from the photos, I really enjoyed the event even though the pumping of the balloons were kind of tedious but we managed to not only successfully attract more buyers into the store to get their samples and test out YSL's new range of products but we also managed to touch the hearts of many kids which made many parents and kids happy during these two days event on the 29-30th September 2012. We gave out a total of 1000 balloons within two days which is around 500 per day which we used all our efforts to place the stickers onto the stick, blow the balloon and tie them up using the joint between the stick and the balloon.

But most importantly during this event, though it was tiring and enjoyable, I made new friends like the natural joker Victor as well as a very nice friend named Jonathan.

I would gladly hope to help out in any future events in YSL as the Professional Cosmetic Stylist there is very helpful and nice to get along with which is what's most important in the working world.

That's a summary of what happened that day.
Hope you all have a great night!