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Blooming Love
(Written on 17th March 2015 0818HRS, dedicated to Baby)

Every little smile,
Within that minute dial,
Is what makes me go an extra mile,
To save up for that fat cow,
To eat beef like i'm a hungry ghoul.

I would love to give you a vial,
To make you mine as I would vow,
But that's not the way to go,
As I believe that you must know,
That love blooms as our feeling grows,
And we will love each other till we grow old.

I always believe this is a trial,
As it's never easy to keep quarrels mild,
But I'll fight an extra mile,
To hold you and ensure that you'll have an everlasting smile.

The Side That I'll Always Like About You
(Written on 11th March 2015 1043HRS, dedicated to Baby)

Under the shimmering sky,
Lies a meandering light,
With different colors that fills our lives with might,
Among the crowd lies a tall friend in sight,
With people flying kites at his right,
Roaming into the sea bed comes a tide,
Rising as far as it can ride,
What attracted me in sight was still your cute side,
That made me felt like squeezing your left and right,
Don't think about it like I'm kinky inside,
As it's just about your cheeks that I like,
You know I've never been right,
As I couldn't see myself as someone you'll like,
But I know I always love to spite,
And I'm just gonna lose you if I continue being a spike,
You're that special and you know this time I'm right,
As I've realize that I can never lose you in sight,
Never again will I be such a sore sight,
As I'll never give up on you without a great fight.

Love's Pain
(Written on 11th May 2014, dedicated to JM)

Round & round the closer I go,
Finding peace in this rotten dough,

Making touch decisions in the midst of a cold,
I want that throne to find myself a foot hold,
But never denying that I'll be trolled,
Believing that it might not be told,
I want that much of a role,
To keep that dough within my goal

Twins' Birthday
(Written on 30th April 2013,  dedicated to Divya & Deepa)

Have a blast and make it last,
There's nothing more than a midnight party rush,
Presents and cakes are never a must,
But friends, families must be there for a sugar rush,
Party till dusk and get drunk,
But all spent together with the only one,
The twin, Divya Premdas that will never part!

The arc of friendship

Things may seem like that their never true,
But life itself is out of the blue,
We may seem like we're totally glued,
But we are still just one of their fools,
We never felt the love we want,
Just because we're one hell load of fun,
We never managed to get what we want,
Just because they take us so blunt,
Love is no longer as it seems,
Because we're always treated like shit,
But I see the light in your heart,
Telling me that you're one tide to be cut,
As you're just not one toy to be hurt,
But just a friend to share one's heart,
Hopefully to let you know that  you're special to everyone,
Especially the fact that you're my special new friend,
I just hope you'll merge our friendship as one.

The tick of my soul

Take a peek into my week, 
And you will know that I'm not so weak, 
If you want to be part of my tick, 
Try making an effort to seek, 
You'll end up finding that I'm actually not such a dick, 
So that you won't give me a kick, 
And our hearts will probably meet.

The peak of my heart

The peak that's been tipped,
The heart that's been ripped,
What's left is just my lips,
Waiting for the touch of your kiss.

The grudges that's never been an issue.

Bear no grudges and love what's left
Make things work and let things rest,
You're not that lousy but just that lucky,
Just give it a go and we'll just make it roll.

The love when two "Ks" meet
(Written on 7th November 2012, 8:14am)

The winding heart of my inner soul,
Cravings rise of my inner goal,
You came into my life as a single dough,
And lead me on as my feelings roll,
I never kept my feelings known,
Till the day you came into my eyes zone,
I might never get the chance to make it sown,
But it doesn't mean I won't keep it low,
I'll love you with the time when we're together alone,
I'll never let you go even when we're all blown,
I'll give you my love, my heart, my soul,
Just to make you feel that you're not alone,
I'll be there when you're all alone,
To make you feel love down through your bones,
So just give me a call right through your phone,
And I'll be right down the moment I hear my ringtone,
So fret not as It can always be done,
As I'll never bill you out of my zone,
Believe that I'll never be gone,
As I'll never ever let you be thrown,
So Just remember that I'll never let you go.

Nestlé Singapore (Appetite For Love's Togetherness Basket For My Mom)

A Coffee a day keeps her eyes awake, 
To calm her urge which allows her to work, 
The caffeine she needs is something she drinks, 
Not once but twice to make this day a hit, 
Nestle Gold is the daily drink she drinks, 
As it has always been her favorite drink.

Nestlé Singapore (Appetite For Love's Togetherness Basket For Aunty Choo)

To Make this Your Week,
By Bringing You This Gift,
Nestle Gold Coffee is the one you need to make your Day a bliss,
The Kindness I have seen,
Is the reason you should receive,
This amazing gift from Nestle that gives you the strength to believe, 
As long as there's Kit Kat,
You are ready to dance to the beat

The Love of My Life That Appeared At That Night
(Written on 7th June 2013, 7:57am)

Seeing you is what it takes to make me happy,
Spending time with you is what it takes for me to smile,
But Being with you makes me a whole now.
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