Guinness Arthur's Day 2012 Press Conference

The First Arthur's Day 2012 Press Conference
From Left: Starring Gary Chaw (曹格), Paul Wong (黄贯中) a member of the popular rock-band "Beyond", Award winning singer Della Ding Dang (丁当)and Mr Rene de Monchy Head of Marketing, Asia Pacific Breweries (Singapore) toasting to everyone to commemorate Arthur's Day at Hood Bar & Cafe located at Bugis+.


Joining hands with more than 55 countries to celebrate this year's Arthur's Day. This year's event would be not only a big event but also a fun and memorable one.

Arthur's day has been a yearly event ever since it was established in 2009 to coincide with its 250th anniversary of the signing of the original lease at St. Jame's Gate in Dublin, Ireland.

An estimation of a total of 1.5 million fans and lovers would participate in this event globally. 

A Very Big Thank You to "Guinness" for this wonderful Press Conference that was filled with music, joy and laughter and not forgetting the kind blogger, William who invited me to this wonderful even as a (+1) to this press conference.

Soothing voices from the singers (Aydan & Howie) that performed for us before the start of the Arthur's Day Press Conference 2012

Our MC for the day, Y.E.S. 93.3FM DJ Lin Pei Fen Christina (林佩芬)

Making my very own "Perfect Pint" 

"Perfect Pint" made by me under the supervision of the Guinness Helpers

Obtained a Certificate for Crafting "The Perfect Pint" of Guinness

A picture with Arthur after receiving the Certificate of Achievement from him personally.

The First Arthur's Day Celebrated in Singapore

The event was held on the 28th September 2012 at the MAX Pavilion whereby renowned artistes such as the famous powerful vocalist, Shin (信),dazzling singer, Gary Chaw (曹格), member of the famous rock band (Beyond), Paul Wong (黄贯中) and the award winning singer Della Ding Dang (丁当) performed splendidly with fans cheering for their star singers with banners and cheers that flooded the whole Pavilion.

The singers sang many of their songs which includes popular songs that are my old time favourites.

Which includes:

猜不透 and 我是一只小小鸟

 寂寞先生 and 背叛

I would like to personally thank "Guinness Singapore" for this wonderful experience that made me felt so relaxed and interested in attending more of such events.

A Photo with my friend, Ying Yi

Singer Shin (信) on stage singing

Gary Chaw (曹格) on stage singing

Gary Chaw (曹格)

Guinness Girls at VIP Lounge

A Toast with one of the Guinness Girls

I'm glad I attended this wonderful event as I was able to meet the star's to the songs I've been listening for the past 7-9 years of my life ever since I first started to like music.